Getting old games (e.g. Deus Ex) to run on new computers

It’s “Mogg!”

I have a Harvest Moon plush cow. It was the preorder bonus for the GC Harvest Moon (which I never even touched) and it is awesome.

That’s actually a little frightening.

I think it’s awesome, and I want one now.


Damn I want one now too!

You know as for the dual core thing it would be nice if there was an easier way to set it so it would automatically disable a core on games you know don’t work correctly.

You can get a cow on Ebay. Don’t you all rush at once, though, cuz there aren’t that many.


Regarding Deus Ex running too fast, aside from dual cores, this can also be caused by CPU power management, and having vsync disabled.

Zylon: Downloaded, installed, and running perfectly within a minute of reading your post. Thanks!

There goes my attempt to finish Crysis this weekend…

It must be nice to pull that card out.



I dunno about Intel, but AMD has a tool that has fixed all my dual-core-unfriendly application issues so far: And by that I mean that you install it, and the issues go away. No fiddling, no configurating.

Though I haven’t tried to run Deus Ex in a few years.

So, dumb question: What is the “Where is your God now?” meme from? Is it the Burger King commercials? Because that’s where I know it from. Plus, the cow is curious.


The movie Ten Commandments, man. Didn’t you major in the Bible or something?

Yeah, that’s exactly right. I majored in the Bible. I didn’t, however, watch a lot of Cecil B. DeMille. Too bad, though, since me and the cow preferred to think it was from the Burger King commercial… :(


I’m glad the cow is thinking for itself now, too. If it keeps learning at this rate, we’ll all be in trouble soon.

Apparently this is a subject of much debate:

I was just motivated by the cow’s resemblance to Mooby.

I’ve been using this for Painkiller which suffers from the same problem.

The cow would have given Deus Ex five stars.

If only the Malkavian Mod for Deus Ex had been out when Tom was doing his original review, it probably would have changed his opinion of the game.