Getting replacement software disks? (XBox 360)

Anyone have experience in doing so? Never thought I’d need to, as if a disc is showing signs of being a manufacturer’s defect, it’s usually soon after the purchase, in which case I return to the store. In this situation, however, it’s my Rock Band disc for the 360 that’s showing several very straight cracks in the center, branching out toward the disc media itself. I had something similar happen with Dead Rising, but in that case it was a single straight crack then went through half the disc (!); however, that was soon after purchase so I just returned it.

Unless my 360 is a disc-eating machine (GHII and III, and Gears of War showed no trouble), I’d like to just have EA send me a new disk. I never done this before so I don’t know what route to take. If anyone has any info I’d most appreciate it.

Check your manual. There’s probably a number to call where you can get an RMA. It’ll likely cost you about 20 bucks and the cost of shipping the defective disk back to EA.

I had a bad GHII disc (it was scratched when I bought it used), but I found it cheaper to just buy another one on eBay.