Getting Their Kirk On

Oh, man, I don’t know how or why the NY Times decided to write about this, but this is a gem. A pure gem.

Slow news day much? Or is this par the course of New York Times?

That guy doesn’t look 27…

Chairity cases.

THERE is nothing particularly unusual about the living room of the two-story town house that Scott Veazie shares with his wife…
I got through half of the first sentence and figured they probably have sex on Kirk’s chair. It helps with virility.

Closing passage of article seems to about sum it up:

“Everyone wants to sit in it,” said Bruce Boyd, an unemployed auto parts manager in Roseburg, Ore., who completed his chair — which he also keeps in the living room — in November. “There’s some sort of charisma there. It’s hard to explain.”

“I know it’s not real,” added Mr. Boyd, 43, “but the minute I sit in it, the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.”

It would be cool if he wired a universal remote into the armrest, though, so he can command the viewscreen, as it were…

You say this like it was on the front page or something. It was in the friggin Home & Garden section. Sheesh.

— Alan

That’s only the end of page one. If you stop there you miss my favorite part:

Some watch TV in theirs, or simply loll, and some seem to find the chair an empowering place from which to deal with others. “When we have a little family powwow — I have four children — I sit in it to lay down the law,” said Mr. Boyd, the auto parts manager.

I wonder if he wears his Federation uniform when he really wants to lay down the law.

For real. They ran a story last year on some dude who stopped using toilet paper in his quest to save the planet.

If you play the flugelhorn and don’t read the New York Times, you cannot be taken seriously as a flugelhorn player. Or something?

When the guy says he knows it’s not real, and then says his hairs stand on end when he sits in it, does anyone else think that by ‘real’ he means: “This isn’t really Kirk’s chair. He has the real one” rather than “Star Trek isn’t real”?

The only way one of these would be cool is as a toilet.

Then it would be amazing.

I believe it’s actually part of the new Weekender package where they throw in a profile of you or article on the topic of your choice.

I think that’s exactly what he means.

I’d prefer a Picard chair myself

Me too. Troi in her bunny suit is always right next to you. Make it so.

Plus, his looks like it has more lumbar support.

Fuck yeah it does. Plus it just looks more comfortable, with like, actual cushioning and whatnot. Plus it doesn’t need you to slouch uncomfortably just to sit back in it.