GH4 or RB2 Guitar Peripheral Idea

Ok I haven’t progressed beyond medium on either game yet but had this idea when talking to a friend about what I wish it could do and how we play the game. I told him in my head I don’t think Green button but think E String when I’m keeping beat and watching the notes change and how I wish you could do bends in the game. That got me thinking how could you design the game to simulate a bend. I was thinking of making each of the fret/string buttons a kind of hybrid rocker switch where the button would be kind of concave at least on the top of it and flat on the main/bottom part of the button but I thought wouldn’t it have to be analog to do that? Can a console do 6 analog inputs that is if the tremolo is already analog which I thought it must be?

On hard and expert in particular, bends are simulated by a rapid hammer on after a note.

I knew I should have kept playing before posting an idea like that, live and learn then I guess.

Here’s my idea for a peripheral: mixing board. Basically, you could make it count as the singing player’s controller so that it wouldn’t conflict with the 4 controller limit, but if you were using it you’d have the option to add a fifth player. The mixing board would probably have four sliders and four buttons, and maybe two switches under each slider. With the buttons, the sound guy can activate anyone’s star power for them since he’s in a better position to survey how everyone’s doing. We often have issues with trying to get specific people to pop it because someone’s failing out and only person with star power is not in a position to be watching for that. The sliders would allow the sound guy to mix individual players up or down, changing the amount of standing they gain or lose. Mix down the singer when he gets to a particular chorus that he can never seem to hit, then put him back up when he gets back to the portion of the song that he’s good at. The switches (I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not) would allow players who are breezing through to help struggling bandmates by transferring half of their standing increases. Basically each pair of switches would be labeled #1 and #2, and you could “open a channel” by flipping switch one on both the guitar and drums. The guitarist is sitting at the top of the chart and the drummer is flailing, so every successful note the guitarist hits raises the drummer by half the value it would normally raise the guitarist.

I’ve got an even better idea. Wireless controllers.

Yeah, that one’s obvious but would be a HUGE help, especially for the guitar.

I’d like to see a playback option. Is that in the game somewhere? This would be especially valuable on vocals, so I can hear what I sound like singing the song.

I’d still like somebody to make a Y-adapter to make a double bass drum pedal. You wouldn’t have to reprogram anything; just let either foot work for orange.

A distortion pedal would be cool, but they’ve already kind of got that with the pick-up switch on the RB guitar.

How about a break-away trick guitar that you could smash while playing Who’s Next and then snap it back together?

There are people on the forums who have made them, and they do need some circuitry. The problem is that only one can be held down at a time. If you’re holding down the left one, hitting the right one doesn’t work, so it’s more complicated than just using a Y adapter.

There’s a way around this, I’ll look for the details, but basically instead of modding the pedal itself, you mod the beater and put the sensor on a practice pad.