Gift hardware thread

Got any hardware you’d like to gift to a loving home?

Here’s a thread!

I have a Geforce GTX 1660 Super graphics card I’d love to gift to someone who’d use it.

It’s got 3gb of ram (I think?), fits a PCIe slot, and has one output each for DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort.

Edit: it’s found a good home!

Probably 6?

I’d send my HP Reverb 2 VR goggles to an established Qt3 member for the mere cost of postage. Works fine, it’s just my Quest 3 is about as good so no need for two headsets.

I would much rather it go to someone for a light gaming setup for a kid or family member who needs it, even locally to you. But if you have no takers in a few weeks, I could use it in a small server I am building for a church. Does it have a 6 or 8pin pcie power connector?

Yes, it’s been taken! It went to a kid of a member of this board. :)

I’ve edited my OP accordingly.

Well done! (but drat :)

@sillhouette What kind of video outputs are you looking for? I can check the video card graveyard drawer and see if there’s anything that would work.

Thanks, it’s not primarily an output I need. I will be experimenting with Blue Iris for some security cameras, and wanted to test CodeProject.AI for image recognition. The PC is just an Optiplex XE3 MT, so I would need a low-end NVIDIA for CUDA work, but no more than maybe 100-125Watts and ~2 slots wide. I have looked at some ebay 1650/60/S/Ti around $70, but I’m already over my own budget for non-essentials really.

I’ve got a 256gb mini hard drive that originally came with my Steam Deck. It may still have my Steam Deck OS and games on it!

If you want to hack my identity and ruin my gaming life, I’m happy to give it to you.