Gigantic, the other 3d action cartoon-like MOBA

Trailer style remind me a lot of Battleborn, though this one seems to be in 3rd person action, like Smite.

Haha! I put screenshots for this game into the Battleborn thread because I’m a jerk.

Seriously though, who can keep up with all these MOBA games? They look very similar.

I really dig the animation though, and I can’t really complain too much about the rainbow of colors in these things.

Longer interview with more gameplay:

I have to say I like the art

That’s a stylish badass owl-person.

It seems to work different than your typical MOBA. You fight to control points in the map, which can be captured by anyone (but far away points in enemy territory need more time to cap), and once capped you can summon in them creeps that will also fight on the map. There are 5 types of creep, with different abilities like healing or deflection, and they need different amounts of time to be summoned.

No towers, no lanes (though looking at the map, there control points are distributed more or less on 2 parallel lanes).

Abilities are mapped to lmb / rmb / q / e / f, the last one is the “ult” that you get at level 3. Combat is fast paced from the start, even the tank moves fast. And it’s totally 3d in both shooting and movement with more verticality, unlike Smite.

No shop, but when you level up you choose two variants for your abilities, and there are 4 passive attributes you can spend points on.

The spawn timers are more like an action game like BF (a dozen seconds) than a MOBA game, you can jump from the base to the middle of the map, it’s makes the game seem more a normal pvp game than a structured game like Dota.

Looks like a bunch of gorgeous mayhem. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

Map design looks like will be everything… melees at a disadvantage in a open area, range heroes at a disadvantage in closed space. Actually, It looks very hard to balance. I like the graphics too. I would watch a movie with these graphics.

GDC announcement. This will be coming to Xbox One and will feature cross-platform play with PC.

Woah, cross-platform.

I suppose MS lifted up some “restrictions” in their platforms (Win/Xbox) like crossplatform, it goes well together the other announcements like allowing buying both Xbox and pc versons of the same game through their Xbox system (cross-buy), or the hints of first party game coming to PC later.

Was that ever a real restriction? IIRC they planned to have cross platform matchmaking in that terrible 360/DX10 exclusive Shadowrun FPS but abandoned it when it turned out to be impossible to balance.

In a MOBA controllers might be competitive if that game has turn speed and autoaim.

They didn’t abandon that plan. Shadowrun (2007) actually did have cross-platform play.

Yeah, but after Shadowrun, not even one game of hundreds and hundreds of released games had cross-play, across several years (2007-2015). I can only imagine there was a restriction.

Balance? Bah, you can have tagged servers, or a setting to avoid “mixed” parties, or just go heavy on the handicap system, and that’s in fps, there are other genres where there wouldn’t be so many problems.

Like, not even a low-risk indie game in XBLA using it in a gimmick way to gain some publicity.

Or it could have been used in asymmetric ways.

Motiga is in trouble.

It is with deep heartache that Motiga announces the temporary layoff of a significant percentage of our studio today. Our financial situation is such that we are unable to continue supporting the entirety of the studio at this time. Though we are in active and promising discussions with a number of potential investors, the timing for those negotiations extends beyond the resources we have to maintain the staffing required to continue development on Gigantic.

While we intend to continue supporting Gigantic game services for as long as we are able, the reality is that a decision of this magnitude will impact all departments across the studio, an impact that will be felt by our community of beta testers as the services they depend on will operate without the key staff on hand to support those services.

Well that stinks. I thought they had some sort of thing going with Microsoft to bring it to the xbone so I figured they were all set.

Real shame, I had a good time with the beta until it switched to Windows 10 only and I chose not to upgrade.

They lifted the NDA and gave a few thousands of keys more.

So now it’s when I can say I played a few hours since the alpha.
And imo, it isn’t looking good. Without even playing the game, it wasn’t looking good with the game being delayed and after that the layoffs; and in addition to that t I gave the game a chance (twice, in fact, reinstalling the beta after x months to see if they had improved) but no dice.
First, for several months they weren’t capable of making basic stuff like accepting properly 16:10 resolutions, and they had big problems with connecting games.
After a dozen of games the game is confusing: When the guardians move to attack? Is it random? is it a set intervals? Is it power dependant? Who wins a duel between guardians? I know it’s affected by their power but I don’t know if it just affects some random chance or what. And hell, the core idea of the game of having the guardians is bad: they are so big you can’t attack them properly sometimes, you clip and glitch all over them when they move and you happen to be in the area, basically it doesn’t feel good. The game mode also has a “sudden deathmatch” rule after x minutes which I’m not a fan of.
The animations are bad. With that I mean the animations are super nice to watch, with character running and jumping in super expressive ways, they move around and prance while fighting… which is why it’s bad. The feeling of combat isn’t very good because some characters jump all over the fucking place just because you are holding mouse1 and doing basic attacks, you can’t distinguish what moves are doing yourself and what moves are “eyecandy” sometimes!
The combat also surprised in a bad way time and time again, with me fighting, with a good level of hp… and then dying without any warning. Somehow it isn’t predictable, and I played for hundreds of hours to Smite, another third person action-moba.

All together, it seems a game designed by the artists team.

alienware was giving out free keys, dunno if any left

Anyone played in the recent beta events for this? Art style looks great.

quite bouncy for me, haven’t played in the most recent build though. Basically it does what Battleborn does but slightly different and I liked BB more.

6 hour, arc-only stress test starting in 2 hours.