Giveaway thread!


Really the worst part is, I got a copy from a bundle and registered it to my account, then I received another copy from a different bundle.

I am trying to pay it forward to anyone here on the forums, but people are probably hesitant to jump right into the 2nd game if they haven’t played the first. It’s the only conclusion I can come to as to why it hasn’t been asked for yet.


Sorry, I can only handle one Shark Attack.


You guys got me concerned, because I noticed that I too have a copy of Shark Attack Deathmatch 2, but no corresponding copy of SAD 1. So I figured this needs to be rectified but - there’s no SAD 1 on Steam?? How can this be?


I have the following games to give away:

Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition
The Surge – gone
Tomb Raider (original reboot, I believe) – gone
Mark of the Ninja

PM me if interested.


And with your nick, how can you NOT own SAD 1, or indeed any shark or water based game.
Now I want to play Silent Service II.


I’ve got Steam keys for regular QT3 contributors

NeuroVoider Gone
Purrfect Date Gone


I have a Steam key for each of the story expansions for Middle-earth: Shadow of War (The Blade of Galadriel + The Desolation of Mordor).

PM me if you’re interested.


I have several Star Citizen ship jpegs to give away. Note they’re just pirated copies, however.


I wouldn’t let those go for less than $100 apiece, myself.


Can you post them directly here?

I promise I won’t steal them.


I dunno. These are high grade spacecraft jpegs. Are you cool, man?


I’m not Derek Smart, I swear.


Are you a NARC?


Are you now, or have you ever been a card carrying member of the Communist Party?


Oh boy.

I’m not sure. I’ve never been tested for STDs.

I’ve never actually held the card in my hand, so no.


Okay, put your hand in this box… Don’t mind this needle tipped finger at your throat.

Think happy thoughts.




Paul Muad’Dib and Takeshi Kaga…separated at birth?



Interesting juxtaposition.


All he has to do is remove one pixel and include a verbal clue as to its rgb value. Take that, bots!