Giveaway thread!


Last Christmas I started a seasonal giveaway thread, but now I think maybe we should have one unchained to a specific time. The potential for giveaways year-round!

Anyway, I have TWO Steam keys for Ubisoft’s awesome tactical RTS, EndWar (Qt3 thread here), up for grabs. It got mixed reviews at launch, but I guess that’s because the reviewers were too busy gawking at the shallow mayhem of World in Conflict to appreciate one of the shrewdest RTS designs of its generation. It’s also notable for one of the better free-form world conquest RTS campaigns.

If a thoughtful, slow-paced, economy-free tactical RTS with an apocalyptic, digital-antiseptic atmosphere of constant dread sounds good to you, post your interest below and I will enter you in a random drawing, the results of which will be posted tomorrow.

Free to the first taker: unused game keys!
Free Steam keys for historical tabletop strategy
Easter bunny game gifts
Easter bunny game gifts

Don’t we already have one of these?


Hey, I’d like a copy of EndWar, if you are just giving it away.


Yes, but it’s well over two years old and likely unremembered by most. Yeesh. :P


Free is free. May I be entered please?


I’m interested in Endwar.


Yeah, put me in the drawing too. You DO cover shipping and it IS a boxed copy, right?

Just kidding, I’m assuming it’s a steam key and I wanted to hightlight you forgot mentioning that. Might be obvious to some people, but still.
Kidding with wanting in the drawing, too - I already own the game.

But mighty generous of you to give it away to Qt3 folks - thumbs up!



See how you got 13,000 comments ;)


Thanks for pointing that out – OP updated.


Pull me from the running, it looked pretty awesome and for $2.50 I just picked it up so someone else could have a chance at getting it. Thanks for being so generous with your spare keys though!


I’d like a chance for endwar. I’ve been wanting a good strategy game for a while.


Oooh include me as well please.


The winners have been PMed!

My only word of advice is to push on past the tutorial. It’s a bit stupid (and mandatory), but the game on the other side is worth it. Oh, and you can scroll down the list of battalion upgrades!

Have fun!


I wuz robbed!


I have a Dirt Showdown (Claimed) and Nexuiz key to give out to whoever wants them. They are Steam redeemable. Either post here or through PM which game you want. I’ll PM the key to whoever has the earliest timestamp. Thanks.


2 copies of Payday: The Heist going, PM me.


(Got Payday) just wanted to say: Get it!, It is very good. Recent update added the hospital level from Left 4 Dead 2.


Paydays all gone :(


djotefsoup, thank you!! I look forward to playing Payday tomorrow. (I’ll try to pay it forward as soon as I can too with something. Note, This is my choice, not a requirement of participating in the thread.)


edit: gone