Giveaway thread!

I used it and it seems to have worked. Thank you, good sir! Stay safe!

Thanks to the recent Humble Bundle, I have extra Steam copies of:

Sniper Elite 3
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
World of Goo

If you’d like any of these, PM me and I can send you the gift link.

Currently free:


Also currently free on Playstore

Symmetry free via GOG

Who wants a steam key of Hitman 2 (with all the levels)?

Also offering:

  • Capitalism 2 (a great game)

Be a regular poster etc…

If anyone wants one of the following from the latest humble choice, PM me.

Raiden V: Director’s Cut
Driftland: The Magic Revival
Turok 2: The Seeds of Evil
Shoppe Keep 2
Capitalism 2

I also still have the following kicking around I’ll never get to, so feel free to ask for one or more of these as well:

12 is Better Than 6
60 Parsecs!
911 Operator + DLC
Acceleration of SUGURI 2
Aegis Defenders
AI War: Fleet Command
Bear With Me - Collector’s Edition
Dead in Vinland
Dead Island Definitive Edition
Desert Child
Hard Reset Redux
Horizon Chase Turbo
Immortal Planet
Kingdom: New Lands Royal Edition
Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition
Love is Dead
NAIRI: Tower of Shirin
Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You
Planet of Eyes
Pool Panic
Random Access Murder
Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered
Resident Evil Revelations
Road Redemption
Scanner Sombre
Seasons After Fall
Sniper Elite
Tiny Echo
Town of Salem

Thank you for Driftland. It’s much appreciated!

Thanks @conVurt for Scanner Sombre!

Bought the latest Cryptic bundle by mistake — I owned all the games! — and after having distributed the games to my HOG collectors of friends, I have three left. Feel free to message me:
Lost Grimoires 3
Noir Chronicles
and the excellent, wonderful My Brother Rabbit.

Thanks to conVurt for Resident Evil Revelations! Much appreciated!

Ok, I’ve gotten a number of free games from generous people here so now it’s my time to give back. I bought the Stardock bundle and have a number of keys for some games out of that bundle as follows:

Star Control I & II (Taken)
Star Control III
Ashes of Singularity - Escalation (TAKEN)
Sorcerer King - Rivals (TAKEN)
Deadman’s Draw (TAKEN)

Please send PM’s, do not post here. First come first serve, minimum of 100 posts on the forum. And again, thanks to those who have been so generous to me.

Come on @BrianRubin there’s a great free game there just waiting for you! I feel that the podcast episode where you play Privateer 2 while drunk could yet be topped.

Hahaha no one took Star Control 3. Like I don’t already own it on GOG. ;)

Assassins Creed 2 is free on Uplay:

I now have some how managed to get Asscreed 2, 3, and 4 for free over the years…but I still have no desire to play them even now, after how bad Asscreed 1 was.

You should at least play Assassins Creed 2, 3 and 4. They are so much better than the first part.

2, 3, and 4! the very least?

I have played Assassins Creed 2, Brotherhood, 3 and 4 and they were pretty good games. I heard Odyssey is a good game too but I haven’t played that yet.

I’d say 2 & 4 are definitively the ones to aim for. 2 actually fulfilled the promise of the rather boring first one and 4 tweaked the formula enough by opening up the world (& gameplay) for a fun adventure.
3 & the rest until Origins are just iterations thereof and Odyssey would be the next evolution to go for, though I didn’t like the whole “grindiness” / MMO flavours that overwhelmed the game for me.

So yeah, 2 & 4 and you can stop right there.