Giveaway thread!

Some random leftover keys I have…
Gauntlet (x2)

Days of War: Definitive Edition (x3)

I wouldn’t mind trying Gauntlet with my son if it has local coop (looks like it does). But, I’ve also been the benefactor of a couple keys lately so it’s cool if you want to give someone else a shot. Thanks!

According to it has local multiplayer, which was news to me!

Thanks Mellified!

Very nice. Arx Fatalis is indeed in my library now.

I installed it, just to see what it looks like. And it looks surprisingly good.

I could pick up the other Gauntlet key.

Overcooked is now free on Epic, breaking the cycle that was foretold.

So they’re just doing repeats now?

Sadly seems so. Overcooked was last free in July 2019 on the EGS.

Looks like the Total Annihilation Commander Pack, which is TA plus both expansions, is free over at GOG this weekend. I remember many a lost weekend playing this back in the day.

I’m perfectly happy to hear that because I missed out on all the earlier games!

No longer free, it seems like.

Both Ark: Survival Evolved and Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection are free on Epic right now. The store is having its usual woes. I “bought” them both, but neither showed up in my library. I rebooted the launcher and now nothing shows in my library but the two games I have installed (Outward and Hades). Maybe give it a while.

Yeah I picked up Ark and it took a few minutes to show. Otherwise all is ok here. Mail receipt took a while too.

I had a similar problem a while back (all games disappeared from my library except installed ones).

It turned out it had logged me out. Logging back in fixes it. Hope that works for you!

Links for the lazy.
Classic Samurai Showdown Games:

Ark + some DLC maps:

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -


Yes, thank you, didn’t realize there was free DLC, too.

Snake Pass free on Humble.

The same happened to me. Not that I will plan to play Ark, lol.