Giveaway thread!

Definitely true. Shadowhand is still my favorite.

My friend just complained that his free Prime Gaming games through the Amazon Games launcher do not work.

I asked him what the error or problem was.

I found out apparently that he’s intensely paranoid and signed out of the Amazon Games launcher after redeeming/claiming the games and refuses to sign back in some unspecified “privacy reasons.”

This friend appears to be about twenty years late to the digital platforms debate.

Got a couple of duplicates in the Deck Builder Bundle from Humble Bundle. Open to members of the forums who are not brand spanking new:

  • Cultist Simulator (base game only)
  • Wingspan

PM if interested. All gone!

Anyone want a Steam key for Everspace? PM!

edit: No-one wanted it, so here’s the Steam key:


That’s a great game

Got some keys for some games!

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Premium Edition
Pillars of Eternity Definitive Edition
Shadowrun Trilogy

PM me if you want one.

Edit: Gone but no forgotten

Key for Contractors on Steam .

It’s a VR game. PM me if you’re interested and have been a member of the forum for at least a little while.

Twitch Prime is giving away free copies of Shadow of Morder GOTY & AssCreed:Origins this month. I imagine most of us have them, but just in case.

Also Football Manager 2022, if that’s your bag.

Hundred Days : The Wine Making Simulator is free on Epic Games Store through next Wednesday. I looked at it and was like “this is pretty cool looking, but when am I really ever going to get around to playing it”…then I remembered “it’s FREE you idiot”. Backlog +1.

Realm Royale : Reforged - Epic Launch Bundle is also free this week.



Anyone got an extra F1 2020 they want to trade for?

Everyone here probably already owns it but I have an extra key to STAR WARS - Knights of the Old Republic. Send PMs if interested :-)


Huh, I always thought that game’s title was Shadow of Murder.

Just bought the Humble Total War bundle, so I can have all the Total War games in my backlog, and I already had Shogun 2 and the Rise of the Samurai expansion.

Anyone need Shogun 2 and Shogun 2: Rise of the Samurai? If so, PM me!

Epic Game Store has Gloomhaven for free, in case anyone else, like me, added it to their wishlist many moons ago and forgot about it until now!

Oh thanks, dying to check it out and see what the fuss is about.

I’m also very curious because I kind of soured on the whole idea of digital board games after not liking Carcasson and Ticket to Ride on Xbox Live Arcade and haven’t tried any since then.

The big problem with most digital board games is a lack of competent AI. This isn’t an issue in Gloomhaven as you’re playing against an algorithm rather than other players.

Certainly the game loses some of its magic when you’re playing multiple hands rather than trying to co-ordinate with other humans but it’s still great.

The biggest problem with the digital implementation is that it doesn’t really explain the AI algorithm: exploiting it is a deliberate part of the balance of the boardgame. I’d recommend once you’ve played a couple of scenarios looking for the rules online to get a handle for how the algorithm works.

Well, considering I will probably never own the Gloomhaven boardgame and don’t know anyone who does at the moment, this PC version is as close as I’m likely to get. Hopefully it’s pretty good!