Giveaway thread!

Hey QT3ers - long time lurker, first time poster.

Not sure if this is allowed here, so please tell me if I’ve committed a cardinal sin!

Bit the bullet and picked up a copy of Satisfactory during the Epic Store megasale on Friday (Tim Sweeney bad, I know, I know!), and enjoyed it so much I thought I’d grab a second copy today in case anyone else wants to give it a shot. It’s still in early access, but is still a lot of fun apart from the grindy parts, and really deserves a wider audience. (apparently multiplayer is better, but solo is still addictive in it’s own right). If you prefer playing solo, that’s cool, there are no strings attached to this giveaway - it was destined for a buddy’s Steam account, but he wanted to wait until Early Access was over and the title is available on Steam in a year’s time.

Since gifting isn’t possible on Epic at the moment, I’ve added it to an empty account, that can be assigned to an email address of your choice. (if you already have an Epic Store account, you could just use a secondary email address you have access to). The Nickname on the Epic Store account can also be changed to whatever you prefer.

If anyone is interested in Factorio-style games and has been wanting to give this a try, please reply to this Giveaway thread or send me a Private Message. You’ll have full control of the Epic user account but apparently changing the country assigned to the account from “Australia” to whatever region you are in may take a week or two (dealing with Epic support)


Satisfactory thread on Quarter to Three

Wow, very nice. Too bad I already bought it! 😄

Well that’s because you obviously have excellent taste @Kolbex! :)

Very kind of you @Skynet2027 , I am sure someone will want it soon.

Thanks @lordkosc, the game is quite addictive so consider me a street dealer. :)

Incredibly generous, and quite tempting! Hope someone enjoys that!

We have a winner! They will remain nameless, unless they feel like posting here…

Thanks to everyone who replied. :)

Thanks @Skynet2027 for a great first post to the forum and a generous contribution. I hope someone really enjoys your gift.

Thanks very much to @Skynet2027; I’m sure I will enjoy!

Nice community here on QT3, so was my first thought for a giveaway - thanks Chappers, and have fun UtilityDogAK. :)

@UtilityDogAK , if you have time , post pics in the Satisfactory thread. :)

Gifting hasn’t even been decided on over at EPIC.

@Skynet2027 went the best possible route with this giveaway. :)

Hopefully that link works. GoG is giving away The Witcher: Enhanced Edition.

It is telling me you need Gwent in your library to qualify. It is only $1.64 to get it though.

Yeah, it’s telling me the same thing. Gwent is free though, so I was trying to get it, but it looks like it’s forcing me to install Gwent before it will admit that it’s in my library. So now I guess I’m installing Gwent.

Edit: Ok, that worked. But it turns out I already own The Witcher: Enhanced Edition. Oops. I installed Gwent for nothing. FOR NOTHING!

I was able to stop the download on Gwent and it showed in the library. So free game yay!

Thanks for the heads-up, Rock8man. I, too, already owned The Witcher: Enhanced Edition but I simply gifted it to a friend using their email address.

That’s odd. I got Gwent for free.

Sorry, Gwent was free. Witcher: enhanced edition was 1.64.

I have a Steam key for a regular Qt3 contributor: Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice gone