Glass Masquerade: digital quaaludes now in their third release

Okay, @lordkosc, I know these are your jam, as well. How many of the puzzles have you done in Glass Masquerade 3? I just finished my fourth, even though I’ve still got plenty of undone puzzles in 1 and 2.

I find these utterly relaxing. They’re basically digitial jigsaw puzzles that you can set to be as difficult or laidback as you want (if you set the pieces to rotate automatically, the puzzles are pretty idiot proof). The artwork is lovely, with a sort of stained glass vibe to it. I find they’re basically 15 minutes of irresistible relaxation each. Very nearly a mental power nap.

And one of the main differences from analog puzzles is that you see the image develop and emerge as you play; it’s not like a boxed jigsaw puzzles where the box cover is a spoiler and you’re just playing catch up to get to the picture you’ve already seen! : ) Instead, you get a theme and you get to watch how the theme emerges into a specific image. Lovely and relaxing stuff, perhaps not technically a game, but me and @lordkosc don’t mind.

I’ll join the fan club too! I love puzzles in general and these are great digital jigsaws. Didn’t know a third one was on the way, that’s a nice surprise.

I will get it at some point, still missing DLC for 2 also.



Yep, GM3 was an easy insta-buy for me. I always end up vegging out in front of these when a new game or DLC shows up.

I love these games. I used to play the 2nd one during 5 AM feedings after my son was born - it helped keep me sane (or at least prevented me from becoming anymore more insane than I already was). I just picked the third one up today.

I do love the art here. But I also hate jigsaw puzzles. I wish there was an easy mode here, or an auto-solve button that could be made satisfying in some way for those of us who don’t like jigsaws.

Edit: Oh sorry, I meant to say, “darn, I wish these regressive puzzle games had more accessibility options”.

They actually do.
On top of choosing the number of pieces, in the default mode, all the pieces are properly oriented as to make it quite less finicky.
I even played those on the Switch, where the framerate and input delay was quite an issue, and thought them still to be relaxing!

I’m also a big fan of this series. Been playing 3 a ton and I like the new options they’ve added. Will go through it a second time on hard mode/classic of course.

It only took 3 releases for this game series to get it’s own thread!

@tomchick I haven’t picked GM3 up yet, but I will!

I love the GM games. I buy them and the DLC at release and immediately jump in. Already completed over a dozen of the puzzles in GM3, playing with all pieces available in classic configuration.

What’s a ‘Honeyline’?

It makes me think of the metal framing in between glass pieces.

You and me both, brother. You might check out a demo of one of the Glass Masquerades sometime, though, since it works differently enough from analog jigsaw puzzles. The option to automatically flip the piece to its correct direction is HUGE, as is the way the pieces can be doled out in a certain order so you can build inward from the edges.

Before you go into any puzzle in Glass Masquerade 3, there are about a half dozen settings you can choose based on how you like your puzzles (I don’t recall whether the previous two games were this flexible). And the default setting, without twirling any dials to boost difficulty, is pretty much the equivalent of “I just want to chill and listen to relaxing music while considering colorful shapes that gradually resolve and eventually surprise me with a pretty picture”. From here, you can go all the way up to “ass-kicking analog jigsaw puzzle dumped onto the dining room table without any assists, and I’m furthermore going to be scored on how long it takes me and how many errors I make…GO!” If that’s your thing.

About five pounds.

Wait, that doesn’t work. Good question, @Equisilus. I’ve done several of the puzzles already and I’m none the wiser!

Oh man, for me there are certain pleasures which are pretty much a dopamine hit to the center of my brain - dumping a thousand piece puzzle out on a table and getting to work is one of them.

Love puzzles. I have a 6,000 piece one that I’ve carried around for decades now that I’ve never had the space to build, although I attempted it back in the 90s. I jump into Microsoft Jigsaw from time-to-time as a quick bit of relaxation.

If anyone does discover what a ‘Honeyline’ is, please let us know.

I assume its because of the hex like pieces this time around.

Is this a hentai game? 😄
Because I’m here for the honeyline.

Can anyone rotate the lane? The controls states A/D but cannot get it to work. If i switch to RMB it works but is so fast makes me a bit nauseas.

I use the mouse wheel to spin it forward and back. Never even attempted anything else so I can’t speak to if they work.