Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery - Daniel Craig's got another whodunnit

I was being ironic. A third film is already in the works, and I can see this going on for a bit… as long as Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig don’t get tired of it.

— Alan

Thank goodness!

Netflix originally intended to make two sequels when they purchased the rights, but I don’t see why they couldn’t keep going with it. In my book, Benoit Blanc already stands among the likes of Sherlock Holmes, Phoenix Wright, etc. They’ve even nailed a distinctive style from the very first.

— Alan

That is wonderful news!

I also saw this on Wednesday night. It’s a great addition to the Benoit Bland storyline, and it does some fun things that you wouldn’t expect. Highly recommended!

This is pretty common for streaming services: A limited theatrical release makes it eligible for Academy Awards, and then it’s a streaming exclusive after that.

I guess this explains why this wasn’t available at my regular theatre. My wife and I had a baby-sitting opportunity pop up Saturday and we went to see this based on the strength of Knives Out. It was a lot of fun - definitely a lot to say about Silicon Valley billionaires operate.

It’s not really that common for Netflix, especially for theatrical releases, and the way they did it meant that they were trying to get eyeballs. For 600+ theaters, generating $15 million or so is pretty good, but speaks more to the material and not so much the experiemental release model.

— Alan

We caught this Saturday and enjoyed it.

I don’t think my wife or I are into the mystery genre enough to really appreciate what it gets right or be frustrated with what it gets wrong in that regard. It generally held up to a superficial review with regard to motivations, twists, etc. as we discussed it walking out of the theater. But we don’t know or worry much about what’s “fair” when it comes to what the audience should be able or expected to deduce for themselves as it unfolds. I certainly didn’t guess many of the larger revelations in advance, though there were some important clues I recognized—I just couldn’t figure them out faster than the movie was moving.

So all in all a fun night watching enjoyable actors ham it up.

One performance reflection that requires spoilers:

I don’t think Janelle Monáe’s “Andi” got enough time to shine because of the way her role was part of a big twist halfway through. She ends up being the heart of the film in a similar way as Ana de Armas in the first movie, but she doesn’t really get to play that part for half the movie. I wish there’d been a way to appreciate that role more from the start.

Well there’s always the second viewing to appreciate that performance in full!

Wait, it’s fucking gone from theaters? What the hell?!?!

Apparently just a week. My gf was piiiiiiissed lol

Yeah, I was gonna go see it yesterday, but jet lag was kicking my ass, so I postponed to today. And it’s gone :(

When does it show up on Netflix itself?

December 23.

Merry Christmas! We always are looking for something to watch during Christmas week.

I can’t wait to watch this again.

Wanting to watch a mystery again so soon speaks well of the movie.

This movie demands a rewatch every bit as much as the original Knives Out.

Out on Netflix today.


Dave Bautista seems like such a damn good dude.

(Please don’t ruin this for me.)