Gloomhaven - Tactical Combat in a persistent world!


Something like this for me as well - when we were first getting my son into board gaming we had a copy of the newest Space Hulk and he spilled orange juice on the table all over several map tiles and other bits. It was a pretty rough afternoon for everyone, so we have a firm “no drinks allowed on the table itself” rule, and we only snack on ‘safe’ foods like Twizzlers or something that doesn’t really leave a residue.


I am not one to sleeve my cards (I have $300 Magic cards that look like they’ve been retrieved from a rain gutter) but it’s not like I don’t understand the impulse to keep things nice, either.


I played the first scenario solo the other night, and kept forgetting this. I still won, but barely and it was pretty close (and exciting). Both my guys (Brute and Spellweaver) were down on HP and also nearly exhausted of cards, but they managed to win. I probably made errors along the way, but whatever. It was fun.

I still don’t quite get monster movement. For example, if the monster is an archer, do they stay in place if a good guy is in range? Or do they always move first?

I think next I’m going to play a random scenario just to get the hang of adventuring, and then launch full scale into the actual campaign.

By the way, I got these, and I’m sleeving as you go. I’ve never sleeved a game in my life, but I can see this game getting a lot of use.

Good price, and they fit well.


A monster that is in optimal range to attack its focus (i.e. at melee range if they’re not ranged, within their range but not immediately adjacent if they are ranged) doesn’t generally move, no. If they have multiple targets on their attack, either by default or on that particular action card, they will move to use as many of those additional targets as they can and still attack their focus, though. (I think).

It’s one of the most complex elements of the game, so don’t feel too bad about not getting it right away. I’m dozens of scenarios in and I’m not sure I’m right about every possible edge case we’ve run into.


I’ve forgotten to pull curse cards from the deck several times now.

Just lost a random side scenario we got because my brute ran out of cards and my wife’s tinker got outnumbered by the last 4 enemies. There was a lot of ground to cover. Drawing 3 out of 4 curse cards while trying to take down one enemy on my own didn’t help.


I just discovered this one:

Apparently it is a scenario that can be played as an alternative to replaying a lost scenario. It is a promo-item made by the Gloomhaven designer in collaboration with No Pun Included. Seems like it will become free in a couple of weeks.

Hm. Maybe this can be used in the case of spilled drinks as well?




Now you guys are making me feel bad for drink placement when playing boardgames with my buddy James. We’ve only ever knocked em onto his carpet, though, not the games proper. But still >.>

In fairness, within five minutes of entering my apartment for the first time (I almost never host cuz of a very weird layout and a very anxious gf), he did spill a full Guinness all over the carpet. . .


Gloomhaven 2 in the works! I guess this has been known info for some time, but it’s new to me!

More info from this interview:

Sounds pretty awesome to me!


Main points:
New campaign set somewhere else in the world.
Not standalone, but will use components from the base game.
Same scale in amount of content; new characters and monsters.


How even.


I hope it takes him a long time to make that. It’s going to be years before I finish the existing campaign.


I think the new year blog post said it would be 2019/2020 at the earliest.


Another weekend spent in the walled city of Gloomhaven (and surrounding areas). God this is so great - we get more and more out of it the longer we play it, and this weekend we started to unlock some of the content (such as retiring a character, town records, The Great Oak, all sorts of stuff). We leveled up the Prosperity of the city to 3, @ShivaX retired his level 4 Brute and now has a level 3 redacted that is just freaking insane and such a cool idea, and my Mind Thief just hit level 5 and is just a little behind the level 6 Spell Weaver my son is playing, but we are two scenarios (in the middle of his personal quest at last) from his retiring and unlocking a new character.

Such an incredible weekend, with a break Saturday to play in a Magic draft!


We also had a super excellent weekend. My partner and I both retired and picked up the Lightning and Triforce classes respectively and they so perfectly fit both our desired playstyles. We hard lost our first adventure with them, did a post-game evaluation, immediately retried, and now feel like total badasses with our new character. Wish there weren’t spoilers because I’m so excited about the specifics with both these characters. I think they’re a lot more interesting than the starter characters, but also much more nuanced so I’m happy they weren’t in the starting set.


What symbol?




Oooh. We haven’t unlocked that one yet.


The requirement (personal quest) was challenging but not super hard - defeat 20 unique enemies. It took quite a few scenarios but we finally got it. I’m not sure, but I suppose with how many possible personal quests there are there must be multiple ways to unlock the same character?


I can’t swear there are duplicates for every character class but I bet there are. Certainly we can vouch for a couple - e.g. cthulhuface, the sun. You get a random item design and scenario unlock if you have the class already.