Glorious - J.K. Simmons is a glory hole - Shudder

OK, this might be the thing that finally gets me to sign up with Shudder.

This is… interesting.

You guys like the weirdest shit.

Thing is, all I hear is Schillinger or the insurance guy. Not a Lovecraftian evil.

This might just be my new favorite movie.

This trailer feels like it’s movie written by a guy that couldn’t talk his girlfriend into a blowie.

Hey, there isn’t that much cosmic horror on screen (more now than there used to be, certainly). You gotta jump on it when it comes along.

I don’t watch trailers but just based on the thread title, I want nothing to do with this movie. I don’t care which side of the glory hole JK Simmons is on, he’s a wonderful actor but I don’t want to see a movie about a glory hole. That sounds disgusting.

Why are you even here?

Clowning around? In retrospect I should have put a smiley face or something.

I don’t get where your lines are drawn, man. Trailers are off limits but reading about them is cool?

Also, Jason stackhouse from true blood = delightful

Man, farmer’s ain’t gonna be happy about this…

Just imagine it’s the yellow M&M on the other side of the hole.

Sometimes I shudder after I urinate.

That’s the sudden shift in your body temp what causes that, all that hot liquid leaving you.

Whatever potential this premise had, they blew it.

Do you feel it’s more that they blew the premise, or that the supporting cast sucked?

I think it goes both ways. But Simmons really rose to the occasion with a meaty mouthful of a part.