This has been around for awhile, but is/has anyone played Shot Online ( It’s a surprisingly enjoyable golf ‘mmorpg’ where you earn money playing online, as well as experience to improve your golfer. You can play match, stroke, or skins against up to three other players, of any level (because of the handicap), for 3, 6, 9, or 18 holes.

I have no clue how many courses there are at the moment as I have access to only two, although that will change as I level up (I’m only level 5 with a handicap of +28).

The only downside (and it is a big one to me) is that the clubs do not display the yardage for them for 100%. This makes me have to guess and note them as I play, which is not the worst thing in the world. The game uses the three-click stroke and, at least at my level, it is fairly tricky on getting the timing right for a perfectly straight shot. Hopefully this will change as I level more and improve the right stats (which are power, impact, skill, and fatigue).

Anyway, it is free, and if you have to grind through levels, you might as well do it with something you enjoy.

Edited to add that I’m not sure if the friends list is working, but I’m SATommyTutone for anyone wanting to hook up some night.