Good and cheap Intel ITX build with iGPU

Recommendations anyone? Case will be SG05 so it might fit a small discrete GPU later if ANY ever come back in stock.

What are you planning to play & how good does the GPU need to be? The Intel GPUs are basically non-starters for anything but the most casual and non-FPS demanding games. Something with an AMD Ryzen 5 3x00 would be more reasonable for more games. But even so you’d have to keep expectations in check as regards which games will run well enough at 1080p and with what options.


Not going to be a gaming box just productivity machine need iGPU for basic windows display and not gaming other than being a steam link box

Can’t get Ryzen 4000 with iGPU anywhere

My mistake, sorry. I’m not familiar enough with the mini-ITX recommendations to know what’s good. My hunch based on some cursory reading is there isn’t much choice in this segment.

The new Rocket Lake 11400 looks right up your alley. And likely readily available.

There are a few B560 ITX mobos in the $100 range, though it does look like they’re mostly OOS.

Alternately, go back a gen and a 10400?

Interestingly, just yesterday I bought an i3 10405 and a mini-ITX mobo for my son’s first ever PC build.

Admittedly we went for the cheaper ‘F’ model CPU (sans iGPU) since he’ll be using an old 750 Ti until the 30xx cards become cheap enough that I can upgrade from my GTX 1080.

Still, I was impressed at how well performing the 10th gen i3 is. Most benchmarks put it at a similar level to my existing i7 7700 (which still feels snappy to me).

The Wirecutter updated their recommendations around this just the other day.

Thanks. No prebuilts for me, want to use up this mini ITX case I have lying around.