Good online game store?

I went to to preorder Oblivion, and realized after some searching that Gamespot no longer has a discount for them. That was the only reason I still used that place. Anyone know a good online store to buy games, that gets them fairly fast and doesn’t screw up too often? I’ve had issues with EBGames before, improperly packaged games getting damaged, getting them way late, etc. Not charging sales tax in CA is a big plus, though that seems to be rare these days.

I’ve had good success with both Gogamer and Amazon, although I haven’t used either extensively.

The only online store I use is Gogamer and have never had a problem with them. They really rock for imports.

Gogamer is great. Newegg is good too, but you’ll be charged tax. I’d stay from anything else. Overstock is fairly slow.

GoGamer and Amazon are my favorites, though ebay rocks for harder to find stuff that neither of the other places have. :)

Yeah, I got a great deal on an Ipod so I can listen to tunes while I’m recovering from surgery this Tuesday. Nothing makes the time go by like music and podcasts.

Ouch, good luck with the surgery. I hope it’s nothing serious.

Is there a decent online store in Canada that people are using? has been fine for major titles, but they’re horrible at stocking the more niche ones.