Got a new shower curtain today - for my cat

That was a Reddit post about a month ago. I thought the person who got the curtain, that was his actual cat. But I might be a bit naive to think that is true.

Edit: Yes, I was definitely dumb, everyone and their brother is selling it.

Edit 2: You need a picture with your cat sitting in front of it!

That is way cooler than any shower curtain I’ve ever owned.

I’ll see if they’ll let me :)

This kind of thing needs to stay on the internet, the clashing styles really rankle me in a physical product. At least this is less terrible than the photoreal tattoos people get. God forbid they start doing them surrounded by line art, I would think their flesh would wrinkle and dissolve out of the sheer horror that was inflicted upon it.

Oh… yup… people do it.

That is… deeply disturbing.

It could be they’re related to Kuato.

There are good ones.

No matter how well done it is, I feel the photo tattoos don’t do as well with age, skin sag and weight loss/gain than line art or more ambiguous themes. Ten years is like taking the photoshop warp tool and pulling around the edges.