Got my first free EGM today

Remember that free EGM subscription that was mentioned here?

Apparently so many people signed up that they had to start giving away the electronic edition. Better than nothing, of course.

Anyone else get the electronic edition?

I got the electronic subscription. :D

Kinda like it, that Zinio thing works well and we should be getting issues before they hit subscriber mailboxes anyway.

Still, I’d rather have the hardcopy to read on the subway or show to my friends.

Are you trying to get rid of your friends?

Ha. Its not that bad, is it? I think its the best of the mags that cover all the consoles.


I agree that the online reader thing is kinda cool, although I feel the cold tendrils of DRM infesting their way into my system. Wonder how it works on my tablet?

One area where PC games really have an advantage is in the quality of writing in the mags. I guess the writers have a lot more time to practice writing their fancy French words since there are only four PC games a year and then you’re playing train simulators :P

I actually like Play quite a bit. You know, for a console mag. And I really hate to say this because it’s published by a retailer but GMR isn’t bad.

I’d like to take a look at Edge sometime. I hear it’s good stuff.

Geeze, I’m the one who posted the link, and I got nuttin!

Did you guys get something in snail mail? Or email?

Maybe it’ll show up in three days.

It showed up in the email account that I registered with.

Oh what the hell? You were supposed to use a real one?

I got the actual mag in the mail and THREE emails telling me they were sorry they couldnt and please take the electronic one. Weird eh? (and yes I only signed up once)

Try calling them up and switching your subscription to print. It worked for my free pc magazine subscription.

No, I guess we’re all idiots if we like it though.

I like it a little better than Play, Play seems so stile and boring. EGM is perfect for reading on a subway.