Gothic 3 patches

I’m a bit confused because the EU and NA versions are different. I think I have the NA version (my wife got it from Amazon). Is there a patch for that version? Do I need it? 1.09 is for EU only, right?

The US version is 1.08 out of the box. The 1.09 patch from Jowood is for the EU version but you can apply it to the US version as well. Allegedly Aspyr is going to put up a US patch but who knows when.

The US version is patched to the current standard. Aspyr’s Gothic 3 page is clear:

Aspyr Media would like to clear up any confusion regarding the Gothic 3 1.09 patch. Like the first two patches, this patch is for the European release of Gothic 3 only. Gamers who purchased the title in North America will not need to download patch 1.09. Doing so will not affect any changes within this version of the game.

A “big” patch is expected to improve melee combat and so on but the only date I’ve heard was early December…no news since that I am aware of.

Thanks. I was doing a google search, rather than the official page. What does improved melee combat even mean?