Gothic Remake

Goodness. I think it’s the control/animation/combat that would need an overhaul, rather than just the look.

Oh hang on - it’s playable?

Seems so. I assume they’re using the current iteration of PB’s engine to do it?

I thought Gothic’s textures were muddy, it didn’t occur to me it was litterally taking place in a mudpit :O

Doesn’t look very similar from the first minute.

No mouse inversion :(

This isn’t very playable for me. Massively zoomed in camera. Way too sensitive mouse. Need to find batteries for the gamepad :) Too much voice acting of an only ok translation. Very little ability to see whats around me so far.

I pushed on. The early stages are a lot of clunky exposition, but it picks up.

I liked it. The one thing they nailed that Greedfall and Outer Worlds didn’t pay any attention to at all, is that the ‘world’ matters. Or rather, your surroundings matter, in the sense that you need and want to follow all the little paths and routes because there’s worthwhile stuff down there. Kind of in the sense that Fallen Order made it cool to explore because finding a shortcut was so rewarding, this makes it cool because resources are limited. Health doesn’t regenerate, and monsters are tough, so actually finding the elixir that permanently adds 15 hp, or the beer that add 15 stamina for a while, or the weapon that does 5 more damage, all that feels meaningful, and the hand-crafted, interlocking nooks and routes give you places to to hunt this stuff, and it works really well together IMO. The jumping and climbing animations being from 20 years ago is less fortunate but you can’t have everything :)

Biggest downer so far that can’t be easily fixed is probably the lengthy, slow, wooden translation (currenlty unskippable).

I’ll play it if it comes out as a full title. Hard to imagine the annoyances wouldn’t be smoothed over a bit, and the good bits are enjoyable. I guess they might not carry through to the full game, but nostalgia would carry it even if so for me.

What is wrong with you man? The feel of the combat is the #1 thing that got screwed up in Gothic 3 and the Risens. Please, please, please don’t add GTA/Witcher-like animations.

I don’t know what GTA/Witcher like animations were, but they’ve gone for more of a For Honor / Kingdom Come style.

I quite liked it I think. It bugged out for me today and everything stopped attacking so hard to say.

Animations that are clunky and sluggish because they’ve got to “look realistic” be “visually stunning” at the expense of gameplay.

Why not try it out?

I will when I’m done with my project.

I loved combat in the first gothic. I know I’m not in the majority there. It had the best sense of progression of any game I’ve ever played.

I completely agree. Loved that game so much.

I just fired up the first one again, and fought that first scevenger (which I also just fought in the remake thing). You know I’m not sure I ever grasped you could swing right, then left, then right and chain attacks like that. Maybe I did. Maybe I didn’t :-)

That was what made it so great, because as your character improves, you can chain those together much more smoothly (and with additional moves iirc), so it feels like you are improving as a player, even though that isn’t what’s happening. It made going back and tackling fights you had to run from early so satisfying to me.

No. Different studio, different tech. The Spanish THQ Nordic studio uses Unreal 4.

They’re marketing this as just a vertical slice - honest critique very welcome. Nothing is set in stone. Could be true or the usual marketing BS.

Almost. You are improving as a player too. The fights early on are much easier if you’ve already had a few dozen hours experience.

OK, well I’ve played a bit. The world looks nice but they’ve got far too many graphical effects going on at once. I can forgive the am-dram voice performances as it’s a proof of concept. Unskippable dialogue can die in a fire, but that’s easily fixable.

The combat, I am not at all on board with. New engine or not, something more like the freeform combat of the PB games would be far preferable to the gimmick they’ve implemented here.

This demo has got me to re-install Elex for a second playthrough, so that’s something.

Sure. That works.

The actual remake has been confirmed by THQ. No release date.

I really hope they ditch that gimmicky combat system and go for something more like the original. But otherwise good news.