Gran Turismo 2 vs. 3

I got bit by a racing bug (probably due to my buying a new car) and picked up both of these because they were so cheap. 7 and 8 bucks, respectively.

Does anyone think that GT2 is worth playing since 3 came out? I mean, does 2 have anything that 3 doesn’t or are they pretty much the same game with different graphics?

Graphics aren’t really an issue for me, but, oddly, after popping both in for a few minutes I think I liked the graphics on 2 better because of the “roughness” of them. 3’s graphics look a little too clean. Kind of like computer special effects in a film. I’ll probably get over that.


It’s been a long time since I’ve played either, but there were actually many things that I preferred about GT2 over GT3. Unfortunately, I can’t remember all of them, and I think it was more a matter of how polished the two games. One of the few things that I recall is that the interface for tweaking your car was better in 2, and there were some issues with saving your settings in 3.

But I thought the graphics were better in 3.

GT2 had more cars, more tracks.

GT3 had better graphics, better physics.

Both had a really crappy tire damage model, which I hear will be exported wholesale into GT4.

My only problem with the GTs is that they’re on the Playstation exclusively… I played the hell out of GT2 on the PS1… Then I played a lot of NFS: High Stakes and Hot Pursuit on a pretty hot (for the day) PC with a wheel… Of course the PC experience was WAY better…

But then the problem was I rented a PS2 and GT3 when it came out… And it was shite. I couldn’t do it.

A friend of mine goes on about how beautiful GT3 is on the PS2… This is a friend that’s obviously never played PGR2 on the XBox, comparing console to console.

I just want a new GT racing game on a platform I own, with graphics and gameplay that won’t make me retch.

Failing that, someone get it copied correctly already. NFS:U totally fucked it up, even though it would have been pretty easy (they already wrote the perfect system once, in NFS: Motor City Online)

Ah well, my quest for a true Street Rod 2 sequel lives on.


Yeah, I know the tires wore out or whatever, but I still find the fact that there’s no damage in GT to be incredibly pathetic. They always haul out the tired old “it costs more to license the cars if you damage them” line, but if that’s true, why does every other major racing title smash the hell out of all their licensed cars? It just don’t add up.

Back on topic, GT2 is far and away the worst of the series, IMO, and not just because of the subpar physics and aforementioned lack of damage. The visuals are unforgivably bad, particularly the horrific textures and the insanely close horizon. Things pop into existence like 10 yards up the road sometimes. The huge car selection was great (GT2 remains the only videogame to ever feature my old car, the Dodge Avenger), but it didn’t really do me any good since the game was so bad.

GT3 was an improvement, but only a moderate one. I’ve pretty much given up on the series at this point. Unless GT4 is hiding something amazing that they’re just not showing at the press events, I’ll wait for GT5. Maybe by then Polyphony will figure out how to simulate a dent.

Yup. GT2 > GT3 for ‘fun’ factor (for me at least).

Yeah, but you forgot that it has such an in-depth story and such wonderfully life-like characters and the graphics are totally sick and were animated by The Japanese! I mean, like, they’re so much better at making sick graphics than we are. I think I’m going to go as Lord Fiero to the next AKON to show people just how inspired I am by such a cinematically perfect gaming masterpiece. Oh, and maybe hook up with a girl cosplaying Tifa and get my share of high quality gamer hottie ass.

Seriously, you rarely find people who will just outright say that they dislike the Gran Turismo series; the flip side of that is that you rarely find people who can say exactly why they like it. The physics model is wonderful! or The cars are so well-simulated, it’s like I’m really driving a Ford Windstar! Honestly, this makes a game fun how?

Lord Fiero is displeased with you making light of him. Prepare to be smashed, puny human!

GT3 was gorgeous. It was also put out around 2 years before PGR2. Does PGR2 look better, sure but GT3 still looks damned good even now.

– Xaroc

GT3 was gorgeous compared to GT2 perhaps.

Compared to even NFS: High Stakes on the PC (which was quite old even at the time of GT3s release) - it looked like utter ass.

It doesn’t look good today, it didn’t look good then. It needed to come out at the PS2s launch, which was what, 2 years before it actually came out?

GT3 launched, I believe, in Summer of 2001. PS2 was released stateside in Fall of 2000 so you’re looking at 6-9 months, not two years.

Here’s what Kazunori had to say recently re: damage in the GT series (er, recently == last year):

IE, “we decided it’s too much work for now.” Fair 'nuff. Personally, I’m just as happy without it, since I tend to take a more, uh, free-form path during a typical race :)

Do any of these games have a Hyundai Tiburon in them? If I can’t drive my own car, it gets -1 star.

I think you get -1 stars for buying a Tiburon.

Ok actually, I always thought the Tiburon was kind of neat looking (though the seem to redesign it every year), but I figured someone who actually knows cars would have something nasty to say about a Hyundai, so since I called in sick today I’m both cranky and available, so my cynicism wins out.

[quote=“Andrew Myers”]

Here’s what Kazunori had to say recently re: damage in the GT series (er, recently == last year):[/quote]
Dammit, that’s not my quote. I don’t mind no damage so much.

My beef is with the terrible tire modeling they do. It’s junk. No tires in the world wear out after one mild lap.

[quote=“Backov”]GT3 was gorgeous compared to GT2 perhaps.

Compared to even NFS: High Stakes on the PC (which was quite old even at the time of GT3s release) - it looked like utter ass.

I looked at some NFS: HS shots and they look cartoony compared with GT3. GT3 was the best looking racer at the time it was released hands down IMO.

– Xaroc

GT2 had a larger selection of cars (including my car, the new edge Mercury Cougar), but GT3 had rallycross!

It’s still a great looking title - the cars are very well done. The environments suffer from some pretty bad aliasing though.

I enjoy the GT series because it has a wide selection of cars to choose from, a good selection of tracks, great control and presentation and you can tune almost every single aspect of your car. I also enjoyed Sega GT on the Dreamcast for many of the same reasons


My bad – started out quoting MattKeil, then trimmed it down. (thank god we’re not in P&R, or we’d wind up arguing about it for 10 pages)

Well, I’ve been playing part 3 alot because I assumed it was the better game but last night I popped 2 in there because I wanted to drive my new Honda Civic that I bought. I had a lot more fun with it that than 3. The sense of speed was much faster and the turning was a lot looser. Maybe it was just the car or maybe it’s just less realistic but it sure was fun. I think I’ll have my fun with 2, now, and then check out 3 at a later time.