Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas News

Yeah right, they’d probably take it the other way. Something like you now can get STD’s from the hookers unless you pick up condoms at the pharmacy.

Actually if that were implemented they could claim they are helping kids, by teaching them the dangers of unprotected sex.

I think they just want to add a fat character to the game and all the fat jokes that go with it.

Driving around commiting various crimes in the GTA games always gave me a hankering to play The Sims anyway. Now i’ll be able to play these two games of mutually exclusive concepts all at once in a very hamfisted way. Score.

Great! Now I can play as Deebo on a bicycle. “It’s my bike!”

So, worst case scenario, you get fat, can’t complete missions, can’t fit into a car, have to jack a BMX and pedal between LA and San Fran, stopping to eat every few hours(!) along the way so you don’t outright die. I’m preordering!

The gameworld is 4 to 6 times larger than the gameworld in the previous 2 games. Good god. So is the game going to take 4 to 6 times longer to play through? Sure hope not. That’s too fucking long.

I’m actually hoping it brings a little more diversity to the game - 3 cities in one game? oh yeh!

Hopefully though they can bring some mission difference to it though… having three cities doesn’t mean I want to play the same mission 3 times over. Oh, and packages should be a little harder (which would suck for me… I’m crap at hide and seek)

When I first heard the title I was hoping for San Francsico in the 70s, like Bullit and Dirty Harry, cars scraping their undersides on the hills, Lombard street the whole shebang. Then I saw the screenshots and I was damn, sounds like Vice City with the coast on the other side, but now, a whole state geez.

Well, I guess we won’t know how big it is for another couple of months, but it sounds impressive. One scenario I’ve felt missing from the gta3 series so far has been a big Interstate highway where you can really open up on a chase, I hope there’s something like that here.

Also a more varied landscape, my favorite of the maps was the first section of Liberty City. VC is a definatively better game, but the landscape is pretty boring IMHO.

How many discs does GTA take up on the consoles anyway? Is it just one or do you switch discs when you change areas? I guess that will be the determing factor.

At any rate if history repeats itself another year until the PC version. Vice City came out just before last year’s E3 as I recall.

The thought of having to change discs in the middle of playing the next GTA game makes me cringe. Just imagine being in the middle of a chase that takes place accross two cities: you’re immersed in the action, when CD prompt suddenly appears and asks you to insert disc 2. Ugh, that would suck.

Oh, BTW, every console GTA comes on one DVD.

My install directory for the PC version GTA:VC is only 1.46GB, so I’m guessing they can wedge GTA:SA onto a single DVD.

My install directory for the PC version GTA:VC is only 1.46GB, so I’m guessing they can wedge GTA:SA onto a single DVD.[/quote]

What makes you think that?

A DVD holds 4.7GB, so they’ve got room for three times the data. Plus, they don’t need any larger textures for TV resolution and a PS2’s texture capacity.

Note that they “could” also make it a dual-layer DVD game, which would roughly double its capacity.

(it’s a pain to do so, for various reasons, but they could)

Serves me right being a PC bigot. I knew they could read DVDs. That’s awesome, 6 to 4 times the size here we come!

ah consoles, they’re almost as bad as Hatians! The Hatians… kill the Hatians…

I dunno whether this or Rome:Total War is my most eagerly anticipated game, but 3 cities sounds really good. Rockstar seems to have a keen eye for their own faults.

Why do they release the PC version late…

Do they know how annoying it is?

But anyway, when I’d thought after VC what should they do I thought that LA plus LV would be an excellent thing, the only problem I found in the countryside idea that it can get annoying to drive from side to side. But still a inter city chase with 20 police cars after you will be cool (Kinda like Blues Brothers).

I wonder what did they sell more, PC copies or PS2 copies.


I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a full order of magnitude difference (ie, that the PS2 version sold 10x as many as the PC version).

What’s annoying was they kept GTA3 and VC on seperate discs for the Xbox collection. That wasn’t necessary :/

Yeah, really. Does anyone know what the reasoning behind that is?

Yeah, really. Does anyone know what the reasoning behind that is?[/quote]

That’s weird. Sort of defeats the purpose of getting the collection, unless you really wanted to play it on the Xbox.

It is nice for letting a friend borrow one of the games, though.