Graphics card questions

Well I recently purchased an HP pavilion dv6000 only to find that the graphics card was a 64mb. I know that it is possible to buy more ram so I am not concerned about the 2g of ram but this graphics card is really starting to hamper my gameplay. Is there a way to get a new graphics card in my laptop or am I simply fucked?

Unless you’re handy with circuit diagrams, soldering irons, and don’t care if you trash your laptop, there is a 99% likelihood that you are fucked. Laptop video is something very rarely designed as an upgradeable component.

What Kong said.

P.S. I think the Asus XG Station is the only option and I don’t know if it even really came out on the market.

Edit: Nope, it didn’t.

Still a compelling reason to avoid trying to game on a laptop… unless you have to travel all the time.

Gaming on a laptop could be Gametap, though.

well thanks guys, i appreciate it. and i do alot of traveling and hope to start getting in some lan, and people look at you like some sort of weirdo when you come into a coffee shop with desktop pc in a large flight case.