Greasy food

Do you pay dearly after having say, super-massive breaded onion rings?

I have to be near a bathroom for quite literally 2 days minimum post yummy meal. Takes all the fun out of those deep fried wonders. Makes me wonder if my results are typical?

I always have a cost, be it bathroom time or food coma time. WORTH IT THOUGH.

For me anyway.

Of all irony you post this while I am doing that very thing, thankful not so violently. It’s the grease streaming straight through me that bothers me most.

So the short answer is yes.

The long answer is that my body has acclimated to a different type of diet. Now a single greasy meal won’t hit me. But a day of unhealthy, high fat, low fruit/veggie/grain food? I’ll be dogging it. Like I can eat a fast food burger and fries, and I’ll definitely feel a bit sluggish after. If I ate healthy the rest of the day it won’t impact me more.

But when I have to eat out every meal for a few days, or I don’t get any fresh fruit? Yeah, it hits me hard. But I also eat a diet that is on the far end of health conscious. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains like oatmeal make about 90% of my caloric intake. So a bacon cheeseburger would lay me out.

I wish I liked fruit more. It’s fairly hard on my gut due to my CF so I don’t get a lot of pleasure out of eating it, but I think if I did, it might help my energy levels?

Once in a (long) while I end up going through the drive-through at McD’s, and I always end up regretting it that night. The grease just gives me acid reflux and the runs all night.

I get it, as I fall on the opposite end. If I don’t have fruit for a day? I’m fine. By day 3 I’m really feeling it, and generally feel like I’m operating at less than 100%. A week? After a week my energy is bottomed out and I just generally feel like crap.

But, again, this is the result of long term diet choices. Meat? I use about a pound a month, and could cut that out entirely with no effect (other than liking certain dishes). Dairy? Giving up butter or cheese in cooking is asking overly much, but at a push can do so.

Yesterday I was out and about, and stopped at Wendy’s and got one of their 4 for $4 meals, the spicy chicken wrap. I was just fine, and did a 10 mile hike a few hours later. But the new BBQ burger looked good, and I’m sure tasted good, but had I eaten it I would have been hurting later. What I got was about as unhealthy/ greasy as I can go without ill effect.

The funny thing for me is without meat I feel like I’m totally empty and am famished all the time. The nutrient density of meat is never supplanted by any other food.

Just eat onion rings while on the toilet, problem solved 🤷‍♂️

I seem to be relatively impervious to eating bad food - fried stuff, fatty, chocolate, sugary. I’ve been eating well lately for the most part getting to my 10-15 year low of 198 pounds, but I still have bad days and don’t feel bad for it except for the guilt. Luckily I love fruit too, I like a good salad with spring mix, onions, tomatoes, shredded carrots - sometimes apply or blueberries, almonds. My wife feels bad when she eats too much bad stuff though.

Today I had a bad eating day - 2 rows of a dark chocolate bar, 6 chocolate covered caramels, a chimichanga, lots of chips and salsa, a cheeseburger (homemade). I did have some good stuff too though - granola, Greek yogurt, blackberries, 2 bananas. I need to get back on track for my weight though.

The trick is to make your diet 90% shitty food, then your system handles it like a champ. If I ate healthy my system would go into shock.