GREAT deals on 8800s

I don’t normally post deals here, but these are phenominal. Add to your cart to see the coupons. If you want one, buy it right now.

$534.73 8800GTX ($650 on froogle, save $115)
$381.73 8800GTS ($460 on froogle, save $79)

Sweet, $534.73!

Sigh. Wish I could get those deals here, I’d totally jump on it. But if I bought it from the US I’d probably get raped on duty at the border and end up spending more than I could get it for retail.

Jesus Christ, and people bitch about the PS3 price.

Sweet deal! I wish I could order one to Germany! Edit: they raised the prices, already!

Yup, deal’s dead. I did say “If you want one, buy it right now.”

I’m only seeing $594 and $424. What am I doing wrong?

You’re about 45 minutes too late. The deal lasted under two hours.

Just when I get my 8800 GTS delivered, it turns out I’ve over paid? Oh well, I didn’t see this thread earlier anyways.

In case anyone’s wondering what kind of a speedup they’ll get in DX9 on a GTS, here’s some of my own tests:

Quake 4…27.93…42.28
3DMark 06…4920…8688
HL2 Lost Coast…73.64…130.86
CoH 1600x1200…38.8 (98/14.6)…77.1 (154/30.5)

Tests are 1600x1200, 4xaa, except for 3Dmark06.

(Annoying dots added to avoid automatic reformatting)

Beautiful, now the long wait for Vista and true DX10 :).

The REALLY good deals never last long. Two hours is longer than average. Next time you see “if you want it, buy right now”, well, there you go.

Will I be dimming the lights to power an 8800?

No. A 450W power supply is good enough. The GTX card has two physical PCIe power connectors, but draws a maximum of 180W. The GTS only has one power connector, and maxes out at about 140W.

Why buy one? I can’t use it under Vista, there are no Vista drivers for it.

Yes, lack of drivers for an unreleased OS is a great reason not to upgrade.

Aww, I thought this thread was about Altairs. :(

Yeah. Not to mention that you get five or six years before you have to upgrade your console.

As an avid Qt3er, I read that Vista was RTW a few days ago.

Thanks to stusser for the heads up anyway - forgot to say that.