Great News - Tina Fey-produced local News station sitcom on NBC


Hey, it’s a lot of work to cash those checks.

/badum ching




I’ve only watched the pilot. Does it get less stilted in later episodes? It feels very much like a sitcom - overacted, playing to the camera, unnatural in ways that 30 rock wasn’t.


So tonight’s episode will feature Tina Fey. Interesting.


She’s a guest for the season.

Why doesn’t andrea martin look at the camera full on and wink constantly? I take it this is my problem - some of the reviews I saw today for season two just GUSH about how great she is, but I feel like she’s by far the worst part of the show because she’s so…ACTING.


This continues to be one of the best shows on TV.


Somehow I totally missed this. Where is S1 available on streaming, anyone know?


Hulu and Yahoo ScreenView have both seasons available for streaming.


Both of those appear to have only S2 available for some reason.


Awww, that sucks. They had both when I checked a few weeks ago. Maybe some kind of license expired.


Part of the frustration of the streaming diaspora. Trying to find where to stream, expiring licenses, availability of one season but not another depending on the platform, etc. I know we are spoiled overall, but that just makes these kind of hiccups feel worse.


Okay, so I never saw 30 Rock, but I assume it must have been better than this pedestrian crap. Andrea Martin is used much more effectively in Difficult People.


30 Rock is way better than this. :/

#34 currently works.

Used to be instantwatch but that’s just crap redirecting to some pay services now.