GreedFall (Spiders/Focus Home Interactive) 2019

Sorry, I meant @ShivaX.

Not sure that Steam’s the platform for Gears and that other stuff is a bit tired, but still, nice for an RPG from a less well known source.

This game is the bees knees for a Spiders game. Surprisingly good, though the various builds are all over the place. It is possible to make a pretty gimpy character or a demigod and that doesn’t surprise me since game balance and Spiders don’t strike me as something that should go in the same sentence. You can respec to a VERY limited degree so I’d recommend doing a bit of research because you must specialize, period. You simply will not amass enough skill, attribute, and talent points to build much of a jack of all trades type character.

I’m not even going to wade in on the perpetually outraged children gnashing their teeth about the setting. Put your big boy pants on, or don’t play. And yes, you can be an anti-colonial freedom fighter so you especially need to grow up. Safe space retreat!

First of all, how dare you. Perhaps you wouldn’t take that tone if you were Irish.

Only had the time to play for 1-2 hours yesterday.

  • The world looks beautiful and I’m looking forward to exploring it.
  • JANKY sure was the right word. I had to turn down the camera sensitivity by two or three points cause it was just jumping all over the place. Even so, your character basically JANKS forward as soon as you start moving.
  • Mouth movements are absolutely horrific.
  • …but voice acting is great!
  • Actually enjoying combat, it felt a bit overwhelming in the tutorial but I think I can get used to it. I love how you can quickly shoot someone in the middle of a fight (and not miss).
  • Not sure why you can basically “talk” (get a comment) to all passers by and workers, as they never (so far) had anything interesting to say.
  • Immediately after starting you get to engage in a few short missions and rigth away choose different approaches to them and make your own moral choices on how to solve them. That, I like.

It’s also often a problem of our expectations being shaped by a popular culture.

I haven’t played Greedfall so I can’t talk about what fantasy otherworldly made up world tells us about colonialism, but quite often I see people don’t like historical work cause it’s not made of Hollywood history. E.g. Kingdom of Heaven showed that smart guys didn’t really buy into all of this religion stuff, and quite often I see people assume that anyone with a brain was always a cryptoatheist.

And this review makes me wonder if there’s a similar case in reveiwer’s take on Greedfall. It sounds like the game is not didactic and doesn’t have a concious message, and the subconcious one is evil. Well, welcome to the world of art.

I think we may see a lot more criticism along these lines. I cannot speak to the quality of the article in question since I haven’t read it nor have I played any of Greedfall.

As a game mechanic/system and theme Colonialism (or its constituent parts) make for very interesting games. Most 4X games inherit the concept, many Paradox games, Monster Hunter World, etc. Traveling to and exploring a virgin land filled with mysteries, conflict with and subjugation of the native inhabitants, hunting unknown species of fauna, exploiting a resource-rich land to enrich your home civilization, and other aspects make for incredibly fun gameplay mechanics.

The historical reality was always terrible and tragic however. So it is definitely worth investigating and wrestling with how Colonialism is used in games and I hope we get more articles along these lines even if this one potentially missed the mark. It is also perfectly reasonable to have very negative critical reactions to a game yet still enjoy the world, gameplay, and narrative (as I did with the Division). If I were a reviewer I would still score The Division pretty high while noting how toxic and disturbing I found the power fantasy presented therein.

As a side note, as I wrote this I was thinking how fun it would be to play a strategic 4X-adjacent game that didn’t rely on exploitation and strip-mining, but more peaceable and harmonious expansion into an unknown world (even though I still love my pure 4Xs).

Cough - ME Andromeda - cough.

Jankery knows no price tag. : )

The movement system is just terrible. It’s so difficult to walk slowly in a room. Instead it’s like the game thinks, oh you just want to walk a foot or two and check out that desk, ok well let’s ENGAGE THE AFTERBURNER! At least there’s no stamina meter that runs out when you’re sprinting.

Agreed, feels exactly opposite the great voice acting so far.

I’m having fun so far but I’m anxious to get out of the first area. Little quests keep popping up though so it’s keeping me from moving forward. Soon!

Played a couple hours, almost cleared the tutorial area. Performance is spotty and the camera control is not great, in particular the sloooow de/acceleration when changing direction and tendency to suddenly snap to greater angles.

But otherwise seems decent enough. Combat is competent (weird long-distance teleporty kicks notwithstanding). Voice acting is pretty good and the quests seem well designed.

Yeah I prefer the JRPG approach to this one, where everyone you can talk to has something of value even if not directly quest-related, like game tips, rumours, or big-picture backstory/lore. And then indicate whether you’ve already heard it, so you don’t click again.

Opinions on pausable combat?

I’ve been using “jank” in general for years! The Arma community knows it well!

It’s handy.

It’s so far one of the better implementations of it I feel. The pause menue is easy and fast to navigate for a concolish UI.

True enough. Still possible to waste millions without it solving any problems…

Honestly, I barely use pause. I have my cooldowns and potions on my hotbar, and I pretty much just roll through most combat now. The only trouble I have is with the bigger creatures that I guess are like bosses. Those are more a matter of learning their attacks, and knowing when to dodge. Otherwise, I’m playing this more like an ARPG.

I found that while you can have up to three pages of 4-slot quick actions, I put the most important ones on the base directional hot keys and then use pause for the rest of it (high end potions for difficult fights). So basically I use the pause to do potions pretty much entirely, but I also like to pause at the start of a fight to ensure I’m using Stasis on the best target.

I tend to feel like the combat encounter was more fun when I’ve used tactical combat a bit, and less satisfying when I don’t.

I completely forgot about the pause feature - would be helpful to use when I run out of mana, just for a quick break while I figure out what to do.

Just realised it was Raven’s Cry this reminded me of. It’s all the tricorn hats.

Discussion of this game has pretty much disappeared since Borderlands 3 launched. Is anyone still playing? I would like to hear people’s thoughts on the mid and late game. At least past the 10 hour gameplay mark.