GreedFall (Spiders/Focus Home Interactive) 2019

Just that it’s not a AAA game I think. There are some areas that are a bit rough, there are a lot of fetch style run around quests. Difficulty is a bit over the place from too easy on normal to brutal on higher difficulties. I personally love it but I love the Elex, Gothics, Mars War Logs etc. of the world too. There is something about the lack of high end polish that just endears them more to me. But I get it’s not up there in high 80s. Still a very worthy classic RPG

Pretty much what @ImaTarget said - I think the only real issue I have, and it’s a decent sized one in my opinion as I round to over 20 hours with it, is that while the world is gorgeous and the areas are large, there isn’t a lot to “find” when you explore. There are “?” dotted around the map, but they tend to be camp sites, villages with rarely much content to them (often they exist as part of another quest), or a skill shrine. That’s just about it.

And the quests can be frustrating, even with the fast travel system, as there is a lot of running back to the closest camp or map transition point to initiate a fast travel to where you need to go next. Sometimes the game is great about saving your time, with a dialog option that teleports the party to where they need to be, and when, but other times the game likes to waste your time, making you back track to where you were just at on foot.

Difficulty is an easier one to deal with, you can raise or lower it as you want when you want, but you have to be the kind of gamer that plays on a difficulty that’s too easy and decides, “I want this to be more challenging” which I am not. Normal has been cake, but I have no desire to bump up to Hard. I should maybe have tried Hard first, and gone down a level once things started to feel grindy, and I wish I’d done that.

On Metacritic all the other Spiders games are down around 55 (like Anthem) where this is 75ish (Andromeda got 72). So I expect they’re reasonably happy. Onward and upward.

But it is more precise, so you know it is accurate.

That’s ten times more granular. Impressive!

So I’m in. First impressions are pretty good.

I think they patched at some point because the controller doesnt feel horrible like it did at first. Thank God! Now I can play this game

IGN scores are logarithmic like earthquake severity measurements.

And done. Took my time with it and according to Steam, I clocked in 50 hours. Despite a few quibbles, I found this to be a rock solid Bioware style roleplaying game. I grew attached to the characters and I am kind of bummed that it is over. No broken quests or crashes during my playthrough.

Some tips for those just starting out:

  • get at least 1 level in science, a great help with potions and quests;
    -choose a playstyle and specialize. I maxed out the magic tree and had an easy time of it;
    -intuition is a very handy talent. Helps with resource gathering and diplomacy;
    -bringing the right companion along can help with diplomacy if your skills are low.

Thanks! I’m always afraid I’ll do my RPG choices “wrong.”

This is going on my list.

Really enjoying this so far. I know there are complaints about colonialism, but I appreciate a different setting.compared to lots of what we see nowadays.

Graphics are decent, and they did a decent job of making the world feel big, even if it is a bit on rails. Asset recycling isn’t great, but things are detailed enough that the world feels unique for the most part.

Combat is hit or miss for me. The controls can be sluggish at times, so dodging feels awkward. Then again I haven’t bothered to use pausable combat, so maybe that would help.

I really like the skill progression. Some levels you get multiple choices to make, others just one… But it feels weighty, and so far doesn’t feel there is enough to go around which is good. Forced to make tradeoffs. My char, for example, is focused on crafting and vigor this far… Which means it is tough sledding without making even basic health potions, nor the ability to pick even basic locks for more stuff… But the armor and weapons I get are very powerful, and some give me extra skill bonuses.

Quests are… Ok. Lots and lots of fetch quests, but the factions are interesting and different.

Overall I am pleased. It fills the RPG craving I had recently been filling with Bards Tale 4.

I would rate this a 7.834

Starting to get tired of the game. I am somewhat tired of helping everyone, now I feel like doing whatever is fun to me instead of helping this world. Is a great game but perhaps too long.

Here’s a nice review of the game. The main point is it’s eurojunk that spends a lot of polish on the beginning to make you think it’s not eurojunk. But it is and now you’re sad.

Still beats Bethesjunk & Biojunk.

A bit further in and I’m enjoying it even more now, and have completely forgotten about the things that annoyed me in the start. I found the side missions and quests to have interesting enough stories to listen to the cutscenes and make decisions.

Only thing a bit negative by now is how predictable areas are, and hoards of animals etc.

Tip: if you get annoyed with the poisonous bats - just crouch and walk through caves and they won’t wake up =)

As an aside, I hear this also works against Batman.

Let me get this right, stealth for once actually works in a Spiders game?

Yea, works good I think.

Yeah, the stealth missions in the game were fairly easy to navigate through. I remember sneaking past creatures in the world while they were napping as well.

Yup, fairly well, (a little too well at times but I’m definitely not complaining since I’m 100% a stealthy approach-kind of gal).
A lot of the missions have different approaches depending on what build you chose, if you’re a lockpicker as I am, stealthy is pretty neat =)