Green Hell: Infest your wounds with maggots simulator

@tomchick is like a Zen master, he owns everything, yet nothing.

I read that as he got owned in everything. LULZ

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Aye - you should! This is probably on of the finer Quarter to Three youtube videos.

I’m not much of a survival game person and was told not to play it as I’d find it too frustrating. It’s supposedly very good if you like that sort of game.

Can’t say I have put enough time into, tbh. I bought it when on a survival crafter spree and they are mostly still sitting in my back catalogue.

I enjoyed it for quite a spell. I highly recommend watching a play through of the early parts, but then stop watching and just play so as not to spoil too much.

Although it’s not covering those two specifics: have you played The Forest? That’s a great survival-crafter with a similar(?) [but better?] story (and takes place in the woods). Wasn’t it for the caves of horror I would have loved the The Forest (because of the forest environment. It’s well done.)
I’m interested in Green Hell as well but it seems there is a lot of trial and error and random deaths.

I have not, but thanks for the recommendation!

Also, try out Conan Exiles - It has desert, swamp, forest, northern forest , Frozen tundra and Frozen Forest biomes and is the best survival, building game ever. You will NOT regret it!

I played the Green Hell tutorial this afternoon and enjoyed it, being far less janky than I was expecting. I look forward to playing more.

You mean it’s not based on the movie?

What do you mean, “infest” your wounds with maggots? That’s a medically acceptable way of getting rid of necrotic tissue. I’ve seen doctors pack open wounds with maggots and tape them back up.

Well, technically, it’s an infestation, even if it is healing. Jungle science, you know, because you’re stuck in the jungle in this game.

Oh my, I made a silly mistake. I bought the game, finished the intro/tutorial and while I was making my first steps into the wilderness and enjoying the idea of carefully moving like it was Dark Souls… I suddenly thought: What about spiders? Oh no! I forgot about spiders. There will not only be all those snakes and cute/creepy little animals making alarming sounds, but there will also be a spider on my arm! I don’t mind giant comic spiders I can hack with my magical sword; but sharing my jungle with a realistically looking bird-eating spider? I don’t think so :\


This game is unforgiving, but I like it. Finished the tutorial, built a shelter and bed, started exploring and died by rattlesnake bite about 1 minute after crossing the ravine near the starting area. Tried again from my saved game – this time some type of water creature stung me and I died. Plus, leeches. I haven’t seen the bird spiders yet.

So I watched a video of some guy crushing a bird eating spider, watched it fifteen times and the spider wasn’t that horrible to look at and the killing was very comic-like. Therefore I ventured forth. Well, I had to die three times before I could build the shelter that lets you save. It’s very unforgiving indeed. And I had no clue how to get clean water until I looked it up. Now I have no clue where to find the stuff to make the clean water. Not sure if I really like all those survival riddles but the jungle looks and sounds gorgeous.

edit.: I have to correct myself: I just found out that you can carry more than one item at the same time; that makes everything a whole lot easier. And… it was a bad idea to wander off right from the start. There is drinking water at the starting location.

You can build a shelter pretty quickly once you craft an axe. I didn’t realize at first that you can right click on large stones to “harvest” them and get small stones. If you collect 10 rope and get enough stones (and gayer starting point bananas), then follow the path/river for 5 min and you’ll find an abandoned camp/village that is a good place for a first shelter. Just be careful not to step on snakes! You can easily get there and build a shelter and banana leaf bed before too late on day 1.

I have no idea what this was supposed to be, but I am heartily amused by your autocorrect. :)



GATHER the gayer bananas.