Grim Clicker

was thinking it was time to check back in. I’ll update in a few days.

I’m not, but thanks to this thread I’m about two months deep into NGU Idle.

46 days in, farming WALDERP.

After sticking with it longer than everyone else, I ended up dropping Grim Clicker after I tried NGU Idle as well. I’ve mostly been doing long runs because I don’t have a lot of time for short ones right now, but I just killed UUG for the first and second times yesterday.

So im on shard 5 atm, almost able to beat the level 50 boss. i feel like the game is really solid and has good mechanics, that being said i have a few suggestions for skills. Dex 20 (the eye) could be + 0.25 % crit chance that DOESN’T get reset on ritual. Dex 24 i feel should really be a Potentially massive DPS increase where it gives + 25% dmg for every point of energy regen per second. The Dex mask could probably be a click based crit increase until the next crit. not sure if these are good ideas or easy to balance with numbers but would be cool!

Well I am not close to Shard 5. Still on shard 2, making progress.

There are definitely more skills in but I haven’t experimented much. I think there’s stuff going on between shards or galaxies now that wasn’t before. I also noticed somethingf called “flame power” which is a some sort of factor that dictates how much wax you get from candles. I think it’s new.

It’s the same game, but there are more builds opening up it looks like. I am using some magic to enhance a forced march build right now. I’m not sure if straight magic would work still but there’s a lot more on that tree that looks available. I’m level 34 on my current run and that’s still only level 10 strength (which significant investment in March and Fire Claymore or somesuch). A few points in magic for regen and the skill that enhances regen/mana pool. I’m going to log in every day for the two daily quests so I can get to 300 shards and buy +1 SP per level up (33 skill points would be amazing right now).

I said I was going to do quests daily to get to 300 shards so I could buy +1 SP on level up (clearly the best buy, I think) but I kept forgetting. 40 shards to go as of today.

Weapon crafting is, unsurprisingly, turning out to be a big deal. Unfortunately there just isn’t much I can do with it right now; I’ve crafted all I can craft. I did some research and one guy very persuasively argued for taking the starting weapon and turning it into a powerhouse. You need to stack a certain type of charm - +1% damage on level up - but it goes a very long way. Using 4 of them, and some stones that boost base damage/;reduce cost his damage hits scientific notation by level 100 in the weapon. Even with just my one +1% damage on level up charm and a couple of ther minor ones I’m getting returns on that strategy. Unfortunately I don’t really have much good stuff to use in my other weapon slots, especially using March/Fire Claymore builds.

A problem I see is that there doesn’t seem to be a ton you can do with crafting beyond level up gear and then slot the good charms you can get from the very limited pool of types of them. I think there could be some great mechanical depth here, but it doesn’t exist yet.

I am on shard 6 I think. This shard is special: strength does not reset when you ritual. Mind you, it’s just investment into the base strength skill and not sub-skills but. . .yeah.

23 strength is a lot of damage. The mask skill that is available on the far right, where the edge of my bar is, has not been implemented. Neither has the meteor to the left nor one assumes the two skills a few points down to the right. Doesn’t matter. I am going to crush this shard soon.

The hammer with 10 points gives damage (100% per level) and auto upgrades items. The bull’s hed passive with 6 points makes force march build up damage faster, but I don’t think this is the fastest build anymore. Well, with this many “free” points, it’s sort of academic. But a point in rage and a dex build seemed like it was faster at higher levels. The chain skill makes attacks chains (there’s a proc chance) at bonus damage but the range is limited and it’s not super useful right now. Disappointing.

There’s a dex passive called cunning that provides a pelthura of benefits, including a chance to activate an available active skill every 3 seconds (with all it’s benefits, the chance for activation goes up with investment). There’s an active that provides X criticals over your next attacks and it can stack (so you can get it up to say +25 attack criticals and it’ll just keep piling up), and another skill up the tree that gives bonus crit damage and yeah. Rage makes you move faster than march so I think that may be better but maybe not.

Dex has a passive called evolution that gives +1 max energy per level. Why so low? Investment in that passive persists (although you must level dex high enough to unlock it to get the benefits). On a 50 zone world I can’t see it playing a huge role but who knows what’s waiting down the road.

I am going to combine that dex build with strength for kicks.

A concern: beating one shard previously gave me a limited use item that could extract stones from weapons. My current main weapon is capped on stones. I think I may be able to increase the quality again now or soon, but I think I want to remove a stone or two. I kind of hope I can get another one of those devices. Or I think I would prefer if there was a way to get more charges for it, albeit in limited fashion (like once charge per newly conquered shard or something).


It’s currently about 60% of my total weapon damage. My two “late zone” weapons are 30s but I’mn still fairly early in the shard (z19). If I keep going they will go up.