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Unclear to me as well how useful that seal actually is. Does it heal me enough and do enough damage to enemies to be worth the points? I don’t know, but I keep using it.


By the way, this latest boss I fought was doing “purple” damage. He had a Star he could lay down which had a purple hue. And he was also “tossing” a purple grenade at me. Both of those really, really hurt badly.

Does anyone know what type of damage is purple? I know for sure that it’s not Chaos damage. I’m currently using Chaos Bolt, and the “grenade” I throw at the enemy is a bright red, rather than purple. So Chaos is bright red, so purple is something other than Chaos.

And I thought Vitality damage was that deep red that the creatures use in Act IV, right? The blood colored damage? So if it’s not Chaos, and it’s not Vitality, and it’s not fire, lightning, cold, poison (dark green), acid (dull green), aether (bright green), what does that leave?


Bleed? Pierce?


According to this:

Yeah, those are the only types left. I doubt if that’s purple though.

I wonder if purple is a combination of two colors? Maybe it’s chaos damage (bright red/pink) + mystery color/damage = purple damage.

Maybe purple is Chaos + Fire?

This random person on reddit speculates that purple is Vitality plus Cold:


All of this reminds me that as much as I love the game, the insane amount of damage types and resists don’t add much but confusion, in my opinion!


What’s the name of the boss, you can look it up in the tools webpage.


Good thinking! I think it was this guy:

That wikia page is not all that useful. Sounds like Fire damage stuff? I don’t think that was the case.

Here we go, this is better:,_the_Tainted_Soul

Looks like it’s a combination of Vitality damage and Fire damage. I had max fire resist, so I guess it was Vitality damage that was kicking my ass so badly.

#2009 There is the break down of his skills. I guess the orange and red make pink? I know I am always lacking in vitality resistance, seems to be one of the rarer ones on equipment.

I don’t mind a lot of damage types, they just need to communicate it better instead of guessing at colors (which is harder than it should be at times). An in game bestiary that fills in the more you fight something, and then maybe symbols under the name at the top of the screen to show what that creature is strong in.


I tried this out yesterday. I have to admit I was very impressed. Suddenly standing in that Seal that hurts enemies and heals me really ups my survivability. At least it does at level 34 now, where I’m in Smuggler’s Pass. We’ll see how effective it remains if I put no further points into it.

I’ve maxed out the first double gun ability for the inquisitor now where I get the top bonus on attack speed. This makes a nice difference. The faster I fire, the more damage I do. I’m all about trying to increase my attack speed now, since it’s abundantly clear from all the Blue (“epic”) one handed guns I’ve found that I’ll never have good raw damage on these guns. But if I can get a bonus to attack faster, that is a good way to get to high damage.


Level 65 was the magic level to beat Malmouth for me. Still died a couple of times in the final battle though. I could take him down pretty quickly, but with aether attacks pretty much coming in from all directions, as well as the main boss killing me in 2-3 hits, it still made for a tough fight.

While I want to develop this character some more, I just don’t think I can do Malmouth on Elite. Malmouth on Normal is much harder than Acts 1 and 2 on Elite, so I can’t even imagine.


I’ve never reached level 65 in the game, since I prefer starting with new characters and running new types of character combinations instead of running through Elite difficulty. But still, if I ever do reach 65, one thing I’m looking forward to is actually wearing some of these purple items, and then applying cool ingredients/effects to it. There’s augments, right? And there’s components like Silver bolts and Devil Touch Ammo, and things like that. Throughout the game, if you actually use those things, that’s when you find a base item that’s better than that one, and it needs to be replaced, so now you have to find the ingredients to get that item again, which can be hard if that item was really cool. Usually there’s one or two bottlenecks in the recipes.

Last night, I wanted a certain Talisman, and in order to make it, I needed to first make 3 other talismans first, each of which had their own bottlenecks, and three other ingredients, two of which were easy to make, but the third required a SHITLOAD of aethar crystals. So much so that I ran out of aether crystals halfway through trying to craft this item. So I actually went back to near the end of Act 1, you know that one area underground before you get to the lab, that’s full of Aether Crystals? I ran through that area 3 times, and finally got enough Aether crystals to be able to make one Silvercore Bolts. And then I used that up in the recipe. Silvercore Bolts look like a cool component btw. But I want to apply them to my weapon, I actually need to go back and farm Aether Crystals by going through that area about a dozen times.

Is there a spot in the game that’s better than that one for getting Aether crystals?


There’s a lot east of Homestead on the path to the ‘lost armaments’ quest boss. I don’t know if it’s more. It’s also higher-level so more dangerous. Running the Warden’s underground is probably simpler.


I completely understand that you would rather play new characters then go through Elite, but much of what you’re talking about isn’t an issue if you play the higher difficulties. Outside of the relics that want a specific weapon/armor piece, those bottlenecks disappear. If I replace an item that has a good component, I always have spare components and will usually destroy the old item to get the component back anyway. Everything drops more at higher difficulty levels so it might be worth it to play Elite just so you can stock up or do to farming runs with your high level characters. Although I found Malmouth really good for stuff too, I must have got about 6 brains just going through it. Also tons of crystals in Malmouth.


The reason I don’t like playing Elite as much is that I die more often on Elite. Stronger enemies, weaker resists. On Elite, I really need better equipment than what I usually have.

Just to give you an example on my Purifier, most of the equipment I have wasn’t found recently, even though I’m in Act 2. It was found early on, in the middle of Act 1, or passed down from previous characters who stored things in the shared stash. I’ve had the same equipment since level 20 or so, and I’m now level 35. But my resists are all near maximum or maximum for the basic four resists. And I’ve got some protection (11%) against Chaos, and 8% against Aether. I’ll probably wear this stuff through Normal difficulty, and probably won’t have found enough good equipment to help me in Elite difficulty. So I’ll end up dying too much in Elite difficulty and drop out.

Theoretically, I could find better equipment in the rest of Act 2, Act 3, Act 4. But I doubt there will be much. At least, there hasn’t been in the past.


Not theoretically, you will find better stuff. Yeah at the lower levels you will use the same weapon for 20+ levels, but you will start to notice key equipment levels where you will start collecting stuff you can’t use until level 50 (65, 72, etc). Then when you hit that level, there will usually be a few items you can upgrade to from your stash. Like I was saying above, at level 65 I had an almost completely new equipment load out (yes, some of that was from previous characters). At higher levels the game gets much more equipment focused.

To each their own though, it’s not me for me tell you how to play, I am just trying to say it does get easier.


The lack of space in the shared stash is the other big factor for me. At some point with my upper 50s and lower 60s characters I decided to get rid of a lot of my stash items (since it’s always full), and replace them with “empowered” versions of the same items, that require level 50+. While that’s fine, it also means my shared stash now has less and less stuff that can be used by lower level characters, and more and more stuff for level 50+ characters. That’s good and bad. It’s bad for when I’m making a new character, but hopefully it will be good for when I finally get to 50+. We’ll see.

Also, I agree that I WILL see stuff that requires level 50, 65, etc. I already know that from previous runs. It’s just that those items rarely are as good as yellow items that randomly get better properties that are hard to get rid of. Items with good Attack Speed % increase. Items with resist combinations that are perfect for my character given other stuff they’re wearing, etc. It’s tough to give up on the lower level yellow stuff in favor of level 50+ stuff because that stuff doesn’t necessarily get the best rolls and properties.


Interesting that you have the experience that you’d keep equipment longer at lower levels. One of the reasons I love the lower level play and building new characters is that loot changes so frequently as you find new things. On the other hand, at higher levels, I tend to keep equipment for a very long time, especially once I started getting purple equipment on, and that just makes things a tad dull. I was taking my Apostate through Elite at level 67 but, although the gameplay was still fun, I found I’d much rather start a new character (switched to a Witch Hunter).

And like Rock8man, my shared stash is now filled with higher level stuff that my lower level character can’t use so that means that equipment comes at me like the game is new. Makes for interesting times.


I don’t use my single stash, so I guess I have tons of room. My shared has one page of crafting items, one page of random blues that have good stats that I think might be useful someday, and the rest is set stuff and purples. It’s a pain to organize, I wish it had some sort of smart filtering.

My current character was using two level 25-30 green guns until level 65, nothing better ever dropped for my build. It didn’t matter until Malmouth, I was charging through everything. Armor I was swamping out a bit more often though.

Act 2 on Elite is getting interesting. The trash is easy, but I am getting a lot of heroes and bosses. I have had to start treating every mob as a potential death because if I go charging in and there are two heroes, I am dead. Haven’t seen a nemesis yet, but I don’t think I have max hatred on anyone yet. I am not sure if I am ready for Cronley or not. I always have a tough time with him. He is where I stopped with my last character on Ultimate.

That is very surprising to me. I don’t even see yellows after level 15 or so, only green and above. I know there is always a chance you can get a good one, but it’s just too much to sort through. We really do play very differently, if that wasn’t already abundantly clear. :-)


With my necro I followed your advice and set the loot filter to green and above. You definitely make less trips to town and don’t have to worry about loot as much.

But with my Purifier I just wasn’t finding much good green stuff, so I changed it back to yellow and above, and found a lot of great yellows that were way better than greens and blues. I don’t like sifting through all that trash loot though, so I do miss your method. The yellow sifting requires a LOT more busywork. But for finding good stats for my dual pistols, I’ve been kind of forced back into it, unfortunately.


And I didn’t die once against Cronley. This really is my best character yet. Kind of sad that its main strategy is sitting in the middle of circle and shooting, or kiting. I think I do far more damage through abilities than weapons as well. It’s a Deceiver (Occultist/Inquisitor), but only has the debuffer and pets of the Occultist side. Mainly I put down a Rune of Kalastor (basically a fire mine), and draw everything towards me. Kalastor and gun fire kills most trash. The ones that get to me are killed by Seal and Horn of Grandarr. Of course neither of which kill bosses, so I have to kite. Still haven’t decide which rank 50 skill to go for on Inquisitor, but it’s going to take forever to get there anyway.