GTA: SA Auction Pulled by eBay

You can see the e-mail the guy received. I imagine eBay will be pulling all the auctions for the now AO version of San Andreas. According to someone in that thread, rental places have also been pulling it from the racks. Crazy.


If you would like to list your item again, here is how to list an auction in the
Mature Audience section:

  1. Choose the category, “Everything Else”.

  2. Choose the sub category “Mature Audiences”

  3. Choose the best category to list your item.

Looks like they can still put it back up on Ebay under “Mature Audiences,” although it seems like a case of ex post facto to me… the new rating can’t apply to all the games already released, can it?

Yeah, the guy listed it that way after the fact. It was also noted in the thread there that 1-day auctions are plentiful, probably because eBay can’t monitor and remove them quick enough to defeat them.

This is REALLY starting to piss me off now. Stores are pulling the game.

I think I just don’t understand the rating system. I mean here you have a game where you can literally shoot someone’s head off, and do this to cops no less. You can pimp girls out. You watch people do drugs.

But heaven forbid they show sex! I mean sex is fucking evil! Yeah, I said ‘fuck’. But apparently, that’s no big deal really. It’s seeing someone fuck that is the problem. I haven’t seen the scenes, but are they really worse than I could find in Basic Instinct or similar R rated movies? These are pixels. This isn’t even porn. It’s not freakin real, and its just sex.


Please let’s not turn this into another topic about sex in relation to violence and their relation to American hypocrisy about censorship. We already have one of those.

I don’t think this news is such a big deal - pretty much everyone who wanted the game should have it by now. The ebay recategorization is kind of bullshit though. I wonder if they do that for any other AO games on there. Probably not.

Pulling it doesn’t have to do with the sex so much as the new rating. Stores simply don’t carry the AO rated games because they’re usually equivalent to the old X-rated films. The game probably barely got the M-rating in the first place and the now accessible sex scenes put that over the top to AO territory where stores are unwilling to go.


If I were a bigwig at a Target, Best Buy, CompUSA, etc., I’d make it a deliberate point to carry this title, even if it were the only exception to the “No stocking AO titles” rule. Not out of any moral stance (though I think the whole thing is stupid beyond measure), but because it would give me a leg up over the competition.

Also, I looked on eBay last night and the PC version of this game is regularly selling for $60+. Mind boggling.

You would risk a Jack Thompson press release claiming your store plays a vital part of demonizing the impressionable American youth.

As long as he spelled the store’s name right…

Seriously, this isn’t a “do anything for a profit” motive, it’s a “don’t accept the insanity and make a profit in the process” one.

Are any of the seller ID’s along the lines of “rockstar4life” or “employeeinhidinglawls”?

If Rockstar had any balls (which they do not), they’d release the “fixed” version of the game under the M rating and then release the Hot Coffee expansion disc for $10 rated AO.

What other AO games?

good point. I didn’t notice the other thread until you said this.

Actualy what I wish they would do is release a fun game where you drive around town delivering pizza and driving an ambulance and dating girls, working out, dressing up and getting tatoos that is rated E. Then they could release the expansion with guns, prostitutes, car theft, sex and crime rated AO.

That’s actually a pretty good fucking idea. Makes far too much sense to ever actually happen at retail, though.

This copy has a buy it now price of $85. :shock:


Invalid Item

This listing (8207262034) has been removed by eBay or is no longer available. Please make sure that you’ve entered the item number correctly.


It’s no longer offered by Amazon either, though you can still buy it from third-party sellers there.

You can only do the nudie/sex code on the PC version right? Which version am I supposed to buy!? :lol:

You can do it on the PS2 version too if you use one of those 3rd party cheat programs a la Gameshark.