[GTA4] Who's up for some FreePlay on 4/29?

Assuming of course that Xbox Live doesn’t collapse under the strain of bazillions of folks trying to play simultaneously, that is.

Basically, I just want to get my feet wet a bit, and drive around with a couple of other people provoking the cops and raising hell. What say you? I’m a Friend of the Qt3 Shooter list and will be playing that day.

Gamertag: FreshQu33blets

Me and… DustyTheHamster (Who is that on here again?) are already planning on meeting up either at midnight or the next day. I have work that morning, but I’ll be skipping class that afternoon.

I’ll go out on a limb here and say it’s this guy.

It’s a slim chance that may be the case. I’ve already got tuesday and wensday set aside for this. Pretty much who ever get’s online is gonna get an invite for some shinanigins.

Oh… Weren’t you something different at some time.

Also; I’ll be on All day that day and wednesday.

Is FreePlay co-op al la Crackdown?

Pretty much. Wreak havoc on the city and just screw around.

Nah I’ve used DustyTheHamster here and on live from the start of both. Supposedly the co-op mode is a 4 player v police with some one to escort or something, sounds slightly similar to cop&crooks mode now that I think about it. Other modes sound as free play as, I’d guess crackdown, can be but iwth up to 16 players.

Can’t wait