Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, or "Uh, I've been away for a year or more so now what?"


Actually, the patch went live yesterday at about 6 PM Pacific, so it’s entirely possible that you actually played it after it was adjusted. ;)


I just started trying fractals today and they are alot of fun! I would be keen to join a Qt3 group in these things whenever the US and AUS time zones coalesce into mutually convenient play times, but alas my requests to get a guild invite for tjrneal.8041 fall on deaf ears.


If that’s Tom dealing with those, I heard he was on a week-long Guild Wars 2 rehab.


Invites just now sent! If there’s anyone else who hasn’t been invited, let me know and I’ll get you in stat.



Would liek an invite thanks! sams.2546.


LeftEmpty.7045 didn’t get an invite and is very sad and lonely.


@tomchick , if you ever want someone to help with guild invites and events and whatnot, I’m available to help. Just saying ;)


So far Condi Mirage feels as fun in the open world as Daredevil!


Please elaborate, because I love the sound of that. Can you share your build?


I ended up with a code thanks to Tom. I’m BradzoG.9867 so I’d love a guild invite. Totally new to the game, but I started a Norn ranger at level 1. I’m trying to decide if I should use one of my level 80 boosts, or if it’s worth going through the low level content.


Me, I’m working up from 1. Maybe if I stall out I’ll use the boost.


Everyone says to level at least your first guy up manually, and I agree, but you get a ton of good stuff for using the boost.

Holosmith is fun, but I can’t survive anything. Story is getting frustrating as a result (in Season 2 at the moment). Not sure if I need some different traits or what. I equipped a shield, and that helps a little, but not enough.


If there’s a guild or something, I want in. JoshL.2375. I’m starting from 1 as well, but I’m up to 10 already! That’s almost 80, right?


Yeah, Holosmith can be a bit squishy. It might be worth using some +toughness or +vitality trinkets, and check traits again to see which ones can help in survivability.


My trinkets are hugely lacking. Is there any place I can go to reliably get upgrades for trinkets, rings, etc? Everything I get from story rewards is normal armor.


I can craft rares for you if you want. Maybe a couple exotics (if those aren’t account-bound). Let me know what you need and I’ll see what I can try to arrange.

BTW, if you have enough laurels (and a bit of gold), you can go to a laurel merchant and get some ascended trinkets there. Highly recommended if you have the means to do so.


I just now went to add you guys in, but I see you’ve already got invites. So thanks to whomever’s handling these for us!



Thanks to whomever. No idea how guilds work yet, but I am proudly playing poorly while exhibiting that [QTT] tag!


Hello everyone! I guess it’s been a while, but Tom and mysterious benefactor have provided me with some DLC and a renewed desire to guild some wars. It’s probably been two years at least since I last logged in, so the learning curve has been steep. I am slowly getting my head around it again, after trying the first Path of Fire mission and being unable to survive the very first fight (yes, the very first one). I’ve gone back to my character’s story which I was only partway through, and that’s brought me mostly back up to speed, although I’m still scratching my head about various changes (what are these mastery things, and what happened to skill points, how did combos work again, and what on Earth did they do to Lion’s Arch, etc).

If you see Krugerok knocking around, give me a wave. I am currently playing my L80 Elementalist, still wearing the same gear as before, I think I need to find some upgrades.


Don’t worry then, all is ok. I did the first Path of Fire mission on 3 or 4 of my characters. Of those, only my elementalist died in that mission. Glass cannons indeed. ;)