Guild Wars 2?


I ran around last night doing group stuff in the Auric Basin – so much fun* – until I couldn’t pick up any treasure because my inventory was full, at which point I lost a few points of sanity trying to figure out what’s what all over again. So blues are better than greens? Or vice versa? And what are all these crafting mats? Look, I’ve got some kind of event doo-dads. Do I keep those? Do I open this chest of exotic gear yet? Should these consumables be in my vault? Oh my god, my vault! WHAT IS ALL THAT STUFF???

There’s nothing quite like inventory management after being away for a year or more.


* I endorse the use of this word for a select few games.


Upper right of inventory. Gear icon. Click. Deposit All Materials. They go directly to your bank. Except maybe the new ones that are glitched and don’t auto deposit yet. This happened before, they’ll patch it.


The order is gray, white, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple. You have to sell gray stuff. If you are doing crafting I’d recommend salvaging white up to and including green. Here is a link to a good flowchart for whether to salvage or not:

Of course if you are not crafting then just sell everything you can’t use.


Frankly, I’m a little hurt that you think I didn’t know that. I suppose next your going to tell me there’s a “sell junk” button for the NPCs vendors. :)

So aggravating. It’s like Kojima making circle the select button in the Metal Gear Solid games. THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS!

What is this, Diablo III? The grey stuff is the first to go when my purse is full.

OMG, that flow chart. I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry!



Yes. In the year or so I played GW2, I never quite got used to that. Conventions are conventions for a reason, dammit.


Inventory management drove me nuts in gw2. A flow chart like that, while maybe a bit silly to be needed, actually helps a ton and might be enough to get me back in to tinker around again. I’m a packrat by nature, always scared of losing something I’ll regret later. I never even bought HoT though, so if I play enough I’m going to be on the hook for the expansion bundle. Ughhh. But I at least kept up with unlocking all the story stuff!


Ha, we had this exact same color discussion 4 years ago.

I still stand by my final word


This is the correct answer. It isn’t our fault you were all tained by Blizzard’s poor color design.


Anyway, won’t be joining for this expansion launch I think. Never actually got around to finishing Heart of Thorns either, even though I played a lot during that time. Too much other stuff to do now, Divinity OS2, Warhammer TW, POE.


I was about to point that, but I’m certainly glad you did in a much better way!


it’s correct in much the same way that Dvorak keyboards are: maybe it’s better but since nobody else uses it it’s still gonna fuck you up


That color progression is ingrained in the very fabric of the universe. Dvorak keyboards are just as arbitrary as QWERTY. Just saying! ;)


Whoa, I don’t think I saw that discussion, but you’ve just given me the single most effective mnemonic device for remembering Guild Wars’ rarity scheme: reality!



I have never gotten a character even close to max level in gw2 yet. Is there any reason to buy the expansion before I get a max level character in the base game?


Buying the expansion will give you a “level-to-80” consumable. That said, expansion content is all for level 80 characters, so, if you prefer, you might want to finish leveling your character before diving in.

Just be aware that people will be walking everywhere with their cool, new, shiny mounts, and you won’t be able to use one until you get the expansion. ;)


Alright, folks. Let’s get down to business.

Which one will be your main ride?

  • Raptor (dino-runner)
  • Springer (giant rabbit)
  • Skimmer (floating manta ray thing)
  • Jackal (dust-devil wolf)

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Well, every mount has its use. If I go to Orr, for example, I’m sure I’ll use the Skimmer almost exclusively. Though the one that looks coolest to me is the Jackal, so that will be my vote (for now). ;)


Ok, so I have a “Magic Carpet” travel toy. It would be perfect to use in Elona (since my Mesmer also uses mostly Embroidered armor with a Conjurer chest piece), but with mounts, I don’t feel it will make much sense to use it, except on very specific situations. Oh welp.


Path of Fire is live now, and I won’t be able to play for at least another 8 hours or so. Sigh.


Sh!t Bonerz isn’t on this list!