Guild wars quest repetition problem

So my wife and I both have the “find the census quest” fro Symon. We join a party together. We set out together. But when we get to the census, there’s only a single copy. She picks it up. Her quest is “solved” in the list, but mine isnt’. My green star points to the now-empty chest where the census was before she picked it up.

If she gives me the census, then my quest becomes solved. But alas, her quest unsolves itself, and her quest list once again instructs her to find the census.

We have to run the quest twice through, so that everyone can do it.

Is this a bug? This is the second time this has happened, but I can’t remember the specifics of the first. So you have to run through certain quests once for every member in the party?

Also, it seems nearly impossible to harm or be harmed in PVP. Every game is whackwhackwhack HEAL whackshootwhack HEAL whackmagicwhack HEAL etc. It’s as if everyone just sits there healing each other all the time. My last 15-minute healfest ended only when some players just got bored of the abyssal endlessness of it and quit the game. How do you deal with the healers? When there are three of them constantly healing each other?

The joy of skills that reduce energy / healing, and the ability to unload a hell of a lot of damage onto a single target. I’ve never had that experience in PvP, so perhaps it’s just a poor group.

No idea on the quest thing.

Mesmers are the natural enemy of the Monk.

No, that’s not a bug. It’s supposed to work that way. I’m not completely sure what the thinking there is, but it’s true.

As for healing, yes, that’s an issue. You have to do 2 things: 1) always focus fire and kill the monk’s first 2) have a Mesmer or a curses-heavy necromancer in your team. They can both shut shit like that down quick. Necros have a skill (that I forget the name of at the moment) that causes the target to only take 2/3 benefit from healing. Necros also have a skill that causes large damage if you have an enchantment cast on you (like Healing breeze). 1 mesmer can completely prevent 1 monk from healing by casting interrupts and a series of hexes. So that’s 1 monk that isn’t able to heal the other two. If you focus fire, that’s enough. One of the other two monks COULD attempt to remove those hexes from the first monk, in which case you only have 1 monk healing himself…

I dunno. I see the Mesmer/Monk as being akin to playing a mixed blue/white deck in Magic: The Gathering. They complement each other pretty well.

Now, Elementalist / Mesmer isn’t as good combo. But Elementalist / Necromancer is cool, too, sorta like playing Red/Black in Magic.

No, I meant in terms of fighting them.

As the kids like to say, “Backfire for the win!” Honestly my mesmer can keep a monk neutralized long enough to get him killed or someone else killed to put the opposing team at a disadvantage. I will say though it seems the end result of most pickup group actions can be quickly determined by how many monks are on each side.

– Xaroc

Also, it seems nearly impossible to harm or be harmed in PVP. Every game is whackwhackwhack HEAL whackshootwhack HEAL whackmagicwhack HEAL etc.

Did you try turning the tome in? Both of you should recieve credit for the quest regardless of what step you were on when you turn it in. We do a pretty poor job of communicating that atm which we are working on improving.