Gummi Bears are Evil!

So Candy Crush Soda Saga is out and ready to suck the money out of impatiently people’s wallets. Big improvement over the original game: better sounds, better music, crisper graphics. The Swedish Fish are a much bigger part of the game and there is a new move to create a fish by making a square with four candies of the same color.

Now the fucking gummi bears. These cute little shits have gotten themselves trapped under icing and it is your job to get them out. Very challenging with the limited number of moves and it takes a lot of combos to get them all out before game over.

I was a huge fan of the original (made it to level 260 or so without spending a dime), so I think this is great. Just stay away if you are OCD and can’t control the impulse to pay to win.

I’ll not touch a King game after their legal trademarking shenanigans.

Yep. Much evil.