Gwent: Standalone Witcher Multiplayer Card game

The Gwent game from the Witcher 3, which was the cherry on top of that delicious game sundae, or maybe the caramel drizzle, since it threaded throughout the game, is available as a closed beta on PC and Xbox One. I have no idea how I got an invite but I’ve been playing it all night. You all start with the same starter decks so it’s balanced but they have changed up some card mechanics so a little bit new to learn.

You can’t pick opponents specifically, it’s all random (and seems to have a little Elo rating matchmaking) but very fun so far. I’ve had some nail biting matches. This is my favorite card game now after Ascension, maybe surpassing it. I think Gwent leads itself to a lot more tricks, fake outs, traps, etc. Obviously it’s adversarial PvP too.

Anyone else playing?

Uh… we have a thread.

Personally, I’m waiting until they do the wipe when the open beta starts to start playing again.

I see. And no discussion on it at all, and no activity in a month. Sorry I missed that one.

Nothing to see here, carry on!