Ha ha, you watched Blood Red Sky!

I am now in the group of people being mocked by this thread. I got to watch it unspoiled, and the reveal was fun, probably the best part of the movie. I also liked the kid, he was badass, if maybe not terribly bright.

Other than that, it was kind of amusing, in a Lifeforce sort of way. It’s no Train to Busan, that’s for sure.

Oh reeeeeeeeaaalllly? You can’t see me but I’m waggling my eyebrows as I type this.

I liked this. It was bad in a good way.

That’s kinda where I’m at. Maybe my expectations were sufficiently lowered by this thread, but I had fun with it!

I watched this with my wife and did not forewarn her of the reveal. To my surprise she did not insist on turning it off and we both kind of enjoyed it!

This film didn’t deserve a “Ha Ha” :)


  • The plot was quite solid, and the characters on either did not seem to act like compete idiots. Overall everyone was doing something that genuinely made sense from their perspective. I guess I’m wondering why the physicist didn’t just invite the soldiers onboard while the sun was still up.
  • The theme definitely wasn’t pasted on, unlike with Night Teeth.
  • The increasingly alien stages of the vampiric transformation.
  • Shockingly, I thought the flashbacks were justified and added to the story.

Did not like:

  • Mixed languages. Usually I like this, but I was specifically picked this for my “watch stuff in spoken German” time budget, and then half the movie was in English.
  • The acting, dialogue and action were mediocre.

I think they did need to spoil at least a bit of the twist in the marketing. (I didn’t see the trailer, but just the name and the blurb that Netflix had, and that made the vampire angle obvious, but not the parameters).

This way it selected for the audience that actually appreciates that kind of movie, rather than having a real world thriller crowd watch and dislike a schlocky monster movie. And the twist is not wasted, since it also lets everyone enjoy picking up the foreshadowing.

(I had both of those happen to me in the last week. One movie was misleading about the genre, so I might have liked more if I could have watched it at another time. The other had a twist I did not see coming, and felt like total tripe. In reality it wasn’t anywhere near as badly written as it looked, once you know what is actually going on, but it’s definitely not worth watching again just for that.)