Hades II - Highway to Hecate

A thread on the mythological roots of the characters in the trailer:

Hades was super addictive. I hope they keep with the theme of incorporating all the deaths into a strong narrative like the first one.

This is a shut-up-and-take-my-money game. More of the first game with some fresh music is all I need.

I got home from work yesterday and my son said, “Okay I need to show you something on the TV! Close your eyes and don’t look!” He already finished the first game, and he’s thrilled that there’s a new one. I’d better get working if I’m going to finish it before the next one comes out!

I’m very disappointed by the Roman inspiration turn this is taking. But I think this is what had lost me in the first game too. Back to Immortals Phoenix Rising!

I’ve been seeing “Hecate” written out many times over the last week since I’m reading book 5 of The Expanse (Nemesis Games) and there’s a base with that name in it. I never bothered to look up how it’s pronounced. I guess it’s he-kuh-tay ?

Anyway, hell yeah! Hades II! Super excited to see what Supergiant can do with a sequel!

Almost? “ Heh-KAH-tee”. I’m dumb so I always read it as “Hey! Cat”

I’m very interested to see how the game mechanics have changed so this isn’t just a reskin. Granted: a reskin with a new story, excellent music and voice over work and great new art isn’t trivial.

I would have thought it would be pronounced “Heh-KAH-teh”. But it’s been 30 years since that one semester of Ancient Greek I took. I would expect the stress to be on the first syllable in most common usage, though.

I’d be thrilled with a reskin, personally.

That’s unfortunate. The series is so much better if you stop after book three, imo. Maybe you will enjoy the rest more than I did.

Yes, I read that. And?


No big deal. It just reminded me of Heracles, which would have been pronounced Heh-RAH-klehs (note the short e vowels, which I figured would be the same here). I dismiss any presumption of authenticity whenever his name is spelled “Hercules”.

I’ve loved the whole book and TV series so far! Looking forward to finally seeing what happens beyond the end of the TV series.

Anyway, Hades. Sorry for the derail!

I played a round of the technical test. So far I like what I see except I don’t really enjoy the default basic attack string. I want to unlock the other weapon to see if that’s better.

The basic enemies are also a little boring to fight, somehow. I watched some old Hades gameplay footage and I was immediately engaged all over again, so I’m not sure what’s going on here. Maybe it’s my imagination.

I didn’t like the other weapon, but I’m starting to enjoy the first one. The enemies are still pretty bad.

I do like how the headmistress is the Baldur’s Gate III narrator. It feels comforting.

I got in the technical test, but I only played for like 5 minutes because there’s zero chance I won’t be getting this game on release. Hades is on my short list of best games ever and I have no doubts about the sequel at all.

Game is out. In Early Access of course, as we knew.

99% positive, lol.

The trailer didn’t provide any details. Are there more weapons, and can you complete the game at this point?

Complete a run but without all the eventual content and the endings, according to the notes:

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“We expect the full version of Hades II to include a more-complete, more-polished set of features and content in comparison to the Early Access version, along with Steam Achievements and the true ending to the story.

You may reach certain points in the game where it becomes clear that you’ve reached the end of the current content. Furthermore, various interface screens, HUD icons, and character art are still temporary or work-in-progress, along with various other aspects of the presentation.”