Half-Life 2 distribution

And anything new from the mod community will also be free.

For a few minutes, anyway.

Well, Valve is planning to let mod authors sell through Steam if they choose to with some licensing, probably per sale royalties or something. That still seems fairly up in the air, but it has been stated as an option.

Interesting to see what affect that has; a few people are already decrying the imminent death of free mods, but the other pov is that it will encourage small devs who don’t have the resources to publish a full game and aren’t one of the lucky few teams to be bought up.

I agree, I wouldnt mind paying $5 bucks for Counter Strike…as long as the patches and upgrades are free. I wouldnt want to be nickled and dimed to death.

From my experience these issues usually get worked out by the consumer, if it has value it works, if it doesnt and nobody buys it doesnt work.

I think paying a REASONABLE fee for mods would be a great thing, especially for the folks that make them.

People are always complaining about lack of innovation or PUBLISHING monsters like EA controlling everything, yet they shudder at the thought of supporting independents.

Makes no sense to me.

I don’t have an objection to payware mods as long as they’re given play- and bug-testing above and beyond what the typical freeware mod gets… I’d want the “Valve Seal of Approval” on them. If they just let anyone sell mods, it’s going to be a mess, but if there are reasonably priced add-ons that you know aren’t going to be utter trash, that’s worth a few bucks just for the time-savings.

Thats a good point.

Maybe VALVE would take a chunk of that 5 bucks and implement some standards and play testing before they put it on their server.

Using some basic math it doesnt take long to figure out the profit from a 5 dollar mod being downloaded let say 20,0000 times. (thats being conservative)

Theres MONEY in them there MODS! Think of it, no development cost, minaml testing, and upkeep of some servers.

But in the end its really up to the MOD community, but Im pretty confident once they will all sign on after they see a bud make a quick 5,000 bucks. (figure pulled from ass, Im sure much more can be made)

It just needs to be packaged correctly.

I’ve already made my TF2 bitterness abundant and free-flowing so I’ll spare the link to planethate, but when TF2 comes out… That’ll be the fucking day.

But in the end its really up to the MOD community, but Im pretty confident once they will all sign on after they see a bud make a quick 5,000 bucks. (figure pulled from ass, Im sure much more can be made)

I for one can’t wait for the joys of Counterstrike II, Smells Like Counterstrike, Do They Know It’s Counterstrike and Avast Me Hearties, 'Tis Counterstrike With Pirates.

There can be nothing but problems with multiple versions of the same game. Even if they’re clearly labeled, some customers will still find a way to get confused. Think about all the confusion caused by the retail version of Counter-Strike. Different version numbers, different data, hell for customer support.

The idea of sending a stripped-down version to Wal-Mart sounds like a good idea, except for people that live in small towns (like I do) where Wal-Mart might be the only option for buying the game locally (we have a Hasting’s, too.)

What we seem to forget is that MODDING TAKES TIME. There’s no good reason to think that new versions of CS and DoD will be ready anytime soon after HL2 comes out, even if the SDKs are so similar to HL, unless Valve takes it upon themselves to make them happen.

What else is Steam supposed to provide, besides an exclusive download? Is it not going to be possible to download the same stuff elsewhere on the net for free? All Valve is doing is encouraging fans to pirate their software. Steam has nothing on BitTorrent.

lol, can you imagine the patch page!

Its gonna be worse than the nightmare that is re-installing TRIBES 2.