Half Life 2 now due this summer


HL2 = Christmas '04. Mark your calendars.

Nice bit about the forthcoming game using the Arx Fatalis engine.

What does the code being stolen have to do with how close the game is to completion. What are they doing, rewriting the entire render engine?

I’m sorry, I like valve and all, but this is bullshit. The code being stolen is just a nice out since Gabe went and guranteed it’s release like a idiot.

I don’t know, I’ll start out gullible and believe the summer 04 prediction for now, but if I had to wager, I’d go with the holiday season 04.

Speaking of Arx Fatalis, it came free with my video card… worth playing?

Does anyone know exactly why there was such a huge delay to begin with? I know the source was stolen but they were supposed to have been pretty close to finishing anyway. Is the general theory that they were going to delay anyway and the stolen source gave them more reasons to hold off?

Eh, who cares, though? I’m almost glad HL2 didn’t make it out last winter, I’m still playing games that came out as far back as October.

Besides, if they think it’ll make the game better, I can wait.

Yep, I had a lot of fun with it. Lots of atmosphere and pretty open-ended dungeon crawl.

It is a decent little dungeon romp cribbed almost entirely from Ultima Underworld. So if you liked Ultima Underworld it is a nostalgic trip but if you didn’t (or never played UU) it might seem a bit clunky. I did like the spell casting system where you use mouse gestures to trace runes to cast spells.

– Xaroc

Back to HL2, my guess would be that they took a delay hit anyway from reworking the Steam e-commerce code, and decided to work on the game some more while they had the time.

They COULDN’T release HL2 with the Steam code out in the open. I mean, it would take pirates 4 hours to release a cracked HL2 instead of 6!

Small correction, Its the next game being developed by ARKANE Studios (creators of the game Arx Fatalis) is using the Source engine (engine for HL2). I don’t think anyone is using the Arx Fatalis engine for anything right now.

Anyway about HL2, wtf. How could they be so off in their release date from Sept 30 way back.

Because they lied.

Yeesh, you think people would get it by now.

:lol: That’s pretty good. It funny cause it true.

This is definitely making me rethink buying that ATI Radeon 9600SE with the free HL2 coupon. Paying the extra coin for a vaporware coupon just isn’t as appealing now as it used to be.
I did play the Arx Fatalis demo and loved it. What was that card that came with it?

Funny remembering the announcement of HL2 and naively thinking it would be out when they said it would.

Good. My backlog is massive.

“Half-Life 2” wasn’t the only game delayed by the source-code theft. Valve had licensed out the game’s “Source” graphics engine to developer Troika, which was hard at work building “Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines,” a PC role-playing game. That game, initially set to be released this year, had to be delayed to implement the same security fixes needed on HL2. It now has a target release date of Spring 2005, said Trokia co-founder Jason Anderson.

Ah, that sucks…

Agree completely. It was stupid to announce a solid release date for HL2 like Valve did. I feel like the source code theft drama has been blown way out of proportion just to cover up for the fact that the game is not ready. It seems like a load of shit to me.

Besides, Halo 2 will be better.

Vampire? Sucks? har har har har har

I get it.

For the first time in 20 years, I didn’t mean the pun.

A Gainward true 5900 non-ultra off of Newegg.

OK, see this is what I don’t get? Why would Half Life 2’s delay cause such a ripple effect? Can Troika just keep working and patch in what they need? I really don’t get all these slippages.

OK, see this is what I don’t get? Why would Half Life 2’s delay cause such a ripple effect? Can Troika just keep working and patch in what they need? I really don’t get all these slippages

Vampire’s delay actually works in Valve’s favor IMO by lending credence to the “source code needs to be extensively reworked bit.” Since Troika is using Valve’s engine it makes sense that most security vulnerabilities created would apply to Vampire as well. Particularly if Vampire is using Steam for multiplayer.