Hall Pass

Anyone get to see it?

I liked it, and felt the cast really worked well together. Some crazy funny scenes.

I feel I chose wisely. :)

I am gonna give it 4/5 stars.

Pleased to hear that. I’m hoping to get out to see it this weekend.

I saw it quite a while back at a screening and really enjoyed it. Best Farrelly Brothers film in a decade.

I hated it. Mild spoilers below.

I didn’t think the jokes were particularly funny, some of it seemed gross/scatological for no particular reason (hot tub and bathroom scenes) and not in a way that was at all funny. None of the characters made any sense to me- Owen Wilson is supposed to be a slightly pudgy super-square dad, so why are all these young beautiful women desperate to sleep with him? The ending was incredibly saccharine and unbelievable.

I saw Cedar Rapids the week before, which deals with infidelity and male confidence in a much more honest, effective, and funny way, and was just a way better film along the same lines.

I liked it a lot, definitely the best Farrelly Brothers in a long while (since Dumb & Dumber maybe?). My only complaint was that they kept saying Hall Pass unnecessarily, like they were trying to make sure it became A Thing. Yes, we know they got a hall pass, you don’t need to keep saying the phrase over and over again.

I stumbled across this on HBO last night and ended up watching most of it. The first half was much funnier than the last, with the Law and Order “ka-ching” counting off the days of their hall pass and their failure to do anything with it. The rage-y barista/DJ was kinda funny.