Halo 3/Crackdown 1 install question

At one point, these were the two games I was aware of that you weren’t supposed to, or couldn’t install to the Xbox HD.

I seem to remember one or both of them eventually being patched so that wasn’t the case. Did I make that up, and if not, which are ok to install now?

What about the multiplayer-only Halo 3 disc that comes with ODST?

Crackdown can be installed, Halo 3 can not.

Yeah, according to this, Crackdown did get an update to fix it.

I discovered recently that PGR4 is another title that has some minor trouble if you install it to the hard drive – the engine sounds get corrupted on some cars and start to pop and crackle.

I’ve installed Halo 3 and I really haven’t noticed any issues. My daughter plays Halo 3 multiplayer a lot. Whatever tiny level loading time increase the install creates is completely outweighed by the advantage of not having the 360 sound like a Huey the whole time.

Edit: Also, when you install Halo 3, the dashboard image that gets used from then on has the Games on Demand banner on it.

Ah, my mistake. I knew Halo 3 had never been patched but I didn’t know you could always install it. They just recommend you don’t.

I suspect that both Halo 3 and Crackdown had whatever install issues they had patched out around the time they were both offered up on the Games on Demand service.

You can install the MP disc that came with Halo: ODST without issues. Just not the original Halo 3 cd.