Halo 3 theme DLC for GHIII hits tomorrow - $0

Like the Pilgrims and Native Americans breaking bread together, Microsoft and Activision are giving Xbox 360 owners something to truly be thankful for tomorrow: the Halo theme (MJOLNIR Mix edition, featuring fretwork by none other than Steve Vai) is coming to Guitar Hero III. Though the track was rumored to be included in Guitar Hero II (it wasn’t) and fans took the situation into their own hands, making custom tracks (as evidenced by the video above), we have to admit we were more than a little disappointed learning it wasn’t in the GH3 retail package. But now, thanks to the miracle of downloadable content, that wrong will be most certainly righted.

How much will the privilege of playing one of gaming’s most beloved (not to mention most rocking) scores in Guitar Hero III cost you? How does 0 Microsoft Points sound to you? Download the track here and brush up before tomorrow.

Well, that bit of marketing came nice and late.

I’ll download it, but it’s not going to stop me playing Rock Band.

Yeah, my reaction at first was, ‘Hey, that’s pretty cool’. But them my reaction was, ‘Oh, wait, it’s only for Guitar Hero III…never mind’.


Oh, you guys.

Does anybody know if this is available for Europe as well, and if you need GH3 installed to download?. The game is not out here until tomorrow (23.Nov), but i’d really like to play this.

Does anybody know if this is available for Europe as well

According to Major Nelson it’s available everywhere except India.


Well, I’m not much for Halo, but damn, I did like the music.

Of course, I just want more Dethklok in GHIII. If Rock Band ends up getting it, well, I’ll actually be spending that $160.