Halo Evolution movie


Its really damn funny, if only to see some of the concepts that they started with, namely, a sci-fi Myth clone. Then they went to 3rd person shooter. Then they went to FPS.

Also neat to see is some of the other concept weapons.

It also appears to be old, but this is a non-shakicam version of the old video.

That is a pretty interesting video, but they should have included the promo they did for the GeForce2. I get a good chuckle thinking about how Halo would run on one of those. http://www.machinima.com/films.php?id=519

Old Halo really looked like alot more fun than what we got.
Not that I’m complaining about the final version, I had alot of fun with it, but looking at all those guns and vehicles… Well it looked more fun. ;)