Happy Canada Day, eh

From your friendly neighbouring rogue petrostate.

On this momentous day when some long-lost uncle unfailingly brings out his old LP’s of Anne Murray as he opens himself a can of Molson Canadian, let me be the first to remind those partaking in these festivities of the ongoing oppression the complacent country which still maintains a holiday named after Queen Victoria perpetrates over the province of Quebec, forever looking down the twin barrels of Prime Minister Harper’s shotgun approach to nation-building, one-half Bible-brandishing Western redneck, one-half who’s-minding-the-store Ontarian petit-bourgeois self-satisfaction. Inevitably, blam, blam, we are dead. And three days later, the Americans show up, and they have bigger guns.

But don’t let this spoil your merriment, while it lasts.

Hi Canada! Thanks again for Shatner and all that hockey!

Hah, I think we know who the real expansionary hegemon is.


Please keep this in P&R. Oh, and keep Anne Murray digs off Qt3 altogether. Anne Murray is awesome.